Mexican holiday inspires Google Day of the Dead

Google Day of the Dead Doodle marks the Mexican holiday that honors life and death. Google has chosen to follow its ‘Halloween Magic Cat Academy Doodle’.

Google Day of the Dead 2016

Google Day of the Dead 2016

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead 2016 is a holiday in Mexico that honors the mysteries of life and death. The Day of the Dead 2016 is a two day holiday which begins on the first of November.

While, the Day of the Dead started as a way of celebrating the loved ones who are no more. This day is being celebrated all around the world these days.

Google Halloween Doodle 2016

Halloween Doodle 2016 will allow you to go for your wand and help save the world from destruction. Google Halloween Doodle follows the feline Momo as she takes on many missions for rescuing her very own school of magic.

Users will also be able to cast away mischievous spirits by swiping various symbols above the ghosts. Pouncing fast enough is necessity here.

Day of the Dead Google Doodle

Each year from the 1st November to 2nd November, Mexicans honor their loved ones by displaying colorful altars which are decorated with pictures. They would also offer flowers, candles and foods. In fact, the Day of the Dead Google Doodle is inspired by this celebration.

However, Day of the Dead Google Doodle image has great resemblance to the tissue paper cutouts which are often used as decorations during the day. Google has explained that the banners made of paper indicate the fragility of life. But it also shows the delight and the beauty of the entire setup.

But, Day of the Dead will lead the user towards ‘Day of the Dead’. It will also include the sharing icon.

The Day of the Dead Google Doodle, is being displayed in the pages pertaining to the US, Cuba, Mexico. It is also be available with many homepages belonging to South American countries Belarus and Portugal.

Apart from the Doodle, Google also includes a ‘Discover the Day of the Dead’ link that will leads to a page about this holiday.

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