Twitter Chief Operating Officer resigns

Twitter chief Adam Bain is seeking to leave the company. He has been credited with rehashing the advertising business of Twitter.

Twitter Chief

Twitter shakes up Top ranks

The company is in the middle of a shakeup of its top ranks. As Twitter chief operating officer resigns, his duties and subordinates will come under the aegis of Anthony Noto who is currently the chief financial officer of the company.

The advertisement sales will also come under Mr. Noto’s purview who will begin acting as chief operating officer. Twitter is meanwhile looking for a new chief financial officer.

Incredible years

Mr. Bain stated that the past six years that he had been associated with Twitter had been very good for him. He further stated that he had the chance to work with Anthony Noto who has the ability to offer great performance on his own.

In fact, the chief executive officer of the company, Jack Dorsey stated that Adam had been a great chief operating officer since he joined Twitter in 2010. He built an amazing team and played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s global business.

Profound changes

The recent resignation of Twitter chief operating officer is being regarded as part of a series of profound changes that the company is undergoing currently.There have been some very high profile resignations from the company recently.

Mr. Dorsey himself was appointed in 2015. Since his appointment, he has been trying to increase the profitability of the company. Until now the company has not been able to turn around. There were also rumors that Twitter is considering a sell off.

Twitter chief (Adam Bain) missed opportunity

The 40-Year-Old Bain spent six years with Twitter. While he was with the company, he revolutionized the advertising business. When Dorsey was appointed as the chief executive, it seemed like a missed opportunity for Bain who was widely regarded as the next CEO.

Bain was regarded as a person with positive attitude and a knack for coming up with novel ideas. Twitter has been seeing a slump in its business. The company is also preparing to lay off hundreds of employees.

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