How to Find the Right Drug Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

If you have a deep pocket, then it is undoubtedly not an issue. There are numerous private rehab centers ready to provide any service till you pay them well. Although, not all such private rehab centers are good. In medicine, quality of services depends on the availability of expertise above all, and some of the state-funded rehab centers have competent and well-experienced specialists.

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Yes, you read it right, there are in fact free rehab centers that are funded by the state. After all, the state understands that drug addiction is a severe social problem. Moreover, the majority of those addicted to substances are young adults.

Most individuals who have been addicted to drugs or other substances are financially not well off. They either have unstable income flow, or they may not have any job at all. Many individuals addicted to drugs are struggling at the number of fronts; they are unemployed, homeless, have no money, no insurance, and failing physical and mental health.

As addiction treatment is not cheap, many addicts do not get adequate care due to lack of financial sources. Even worst that they may do not seek help, they assume that nothing can happen if they lack finances. Some of the individuals may try non-conventional methods, try detox at home; however, in most such cases, they end up wasting their time and money.

To begin with, it is necessary to know that free rehab options exist. The person will indeed need to do some search though as the available options vary from place to place. This article looks into some of the free or no-cost options.

Where to begin the search for a rehab center?

Although one can begin by googling or finding information through various blogs, online support groups; however, it is worth knowing that there are specialized web sites created by the federal government that can provide much accurate and relevant information.

One of the best government-sponsored websites that provide complete information regarding substance abuse and its treatment is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This website offers an excellent search tool according to your address. You can also choose from some other options like if a doctor can provide buprenorphine or not, and so on. 

Regretfully, it is not a perfect tool. It may provide a list of centers near you that can offer you medical help. However, this search engine does not provide information like insurance is needed or not, where the free treatment available, or what additional costs are involved and so on. The only way to know more about the available options is to call the various centers.

State-funded Rehab

Most states in the US provide funding for free treatment of drug addiction and other severe mental disorders. These services can be utilized by those with no health insurance and income. It means that these services are not provided to everyone, but only to those in the most challenging situation. 

Most rehab centers would ask clients to prove few things like residence in the state, lack of income and insurance, legal residence in the US, and information regarding the addiction status.

Procedure for accepting the patient by state-funded rehab centers may vary a bit. Kind of services provided by various such centers also differ.

One of the excellent starting points of search could by going through the Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services maintained by SAMHSA. This directory provides information regarding the central state agencies involved in fighting drug addiction. By contacting these agencies, one can get detailed consultation regarding all the options available.

Faith-based rehab

A good option for god-fearing individuals. There is a number of recovery programs run by various religious organizations like Christian Salvations Army, Harbor Light Detox, Adult Rehabilitation Centers, and many more. Some of these organizations have centers nationwide and they are more than ready to accept the people prepared to get rid of their addiction. Usually, one can look at options according to his or her faith.

These rehab centers pay tremendous stress on religion and spirituality. Most such centers will provide a combination of treatment. Such rehab centers use 12-step support, counseling, religious motivations, support by peers. However, these centers do not offer medical detox or other procedures involving the use of medications. It means that one may need first to undergo detox, and only then these centers can help.

What can one expect from free drug rehab?

That would be difficult to say as it depends on many factors from the kind of rehab (faith-based vs. state-funded), and availability of the resources at the given time. As already mentioned, faith-based would not provide medications, and they mainly help with psychotherapy, motivation, and using other spiritual methods.

However, in state-funded rehab, one can expect to get the most necessary medicines all the time. They may not have luxurious facilities like private rehabs. Nonetheless, they have well trained and experienced staff, and all the medications necessary to treat addiction.

Though the choice of free drug rehab will depend on many factors like a person’s faith in religion and god, for those who are not very religious, state-funded rehabs are a better option. State-funded rehabs are also better for severe drug dependence as they do a detox and provide other medications.

Are there other rehab options?

Yes, though the above two options are more commonly available, there are many other ways to get treatment. Scholarships/grants for low-income individuals can help sponsor their treatment in various facilities. Some types of insurance also cover the treatment of drug addiction and rehab. Taking out a loan for a drug rehab program could also be an option. Then there are non-religious self-help groups, support groups, and organizations.

Finally, do not forget to ask friends and family members help, in many cases, people are too embarrassed to do so.If you still have questions, you can speak with an addiction expert confidentially 24/7 at the Beach House Rehab Center too. They are one of the nations leading rehabilitation facilities that offers cutting-edge alcohol & drug detox programs, rehab treatment, and more to help people fight addiction and live a sober and peaceful life in recovery free from drugs and alcohol.

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