Berlin Explosion: Deadly Car Bombing Rocked German Capital

The car bombing in a busy district is believed to be the work of organized criminal gangs

Berlin Explosion: Deadly Car Bombing Rocked German Capital

The driver of a car was killed after his car exploded by what investigators believe was an explosive device. The authorities believe it was a mafia hit. The blast occurred within the Charlottenburg district at around 7 am GMT. The district leads into the heart of Berlin.

The silver colored VW Passat estate turned into a wreck after its windows were blown out. Its front was also smashed in. Police suspect that the man inside the car was a victim of organized crime.

The car was moving downtown near the entrance to the subway in front of the three Opera houses, when suddenly there was an explosion. Germany’s most widely circulated newspaper stated that it had credible information that the man killed in the blast was not a terrorist on his way to blow up a target. The newspaper reported:

‘Bild has information that it is definitely not terrorism bur organized crime. Whether it is in connection with rocker crime is not yet clear.’

Rocker gangs in Germany are extremely violent and have also been previously involved in turf wars. There are also hundreds of thousands of Russians living in berlin. Some of them are also involved in Organized crime.

Carsten Mueller, the deputy chief of Berlin Police force said that authorities were assuming that the explosive device responsible for the blast had either been planted inside the vehicle or onto its body. Experts also checked the vehicle for any other explosive devices. There were none. Investigators are also trying to identify the slain man.

There were no other injuries reported in the blast despite the car ramming into another vehicle that was parked nearby. Eyewitnesses say that the blast sounded as if there was a collision between two vehicles.

Other commuters too out the man from the smoking car and laid him on the tarmac. However, his life could not be saved. He died from severe injuries caused during the blast even before the arrival of the paramedics. A commissions has been established by the police force that will investigate the murder.

Suspecting there might be other explosives, policemen requested the residents of the rea to remain inside their homes and keep their door and windows shut until they receive clearance from the police. Berlin is not new to gang violence which more or less centers around the drug trade.

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