Best Black Friday Deals in 2019 with Online Shopping in Pakistan

As online shopping in Pakistan is becoming a modern trend, people are becoming much more about the terms like Black Friday sales, thanksgiving discounts, and Boxing Day sales, etc. Black Friday is known as the biggest sale day of the year globally. For the last few years, we have noticed that online shopping in Pakistan is also becoming more and more affected by international trends.

Best Black Friday Deals in 2019 with Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping customers in Pakistan only heard about these terms when few websites announced it as the biggest sale day of the year. Seeing their success almost every retailer jumped into it. As Friday is a day full of blessings for Muslims, therefore, it was given different names like “Big Friday”, “Blessed Friday”, and “White Friday” etc.

Many people don’t know much why this Friday is named as a black Friday? And why it is one of the biggest shopping days globally? Black Friday has been a busy shopping day due to thanksgiving holiday on Thursday; people were used to starting their shopping for charismas. In the early 1950s, people were used to taking Friday off together with Thursday holiday making it a long weekend. Businesses also noticed that it was the time when most people starts their holiday shopping so they started offering a big discount to attract more customers. Companies later announced Friday as the official day off for the employees so they can enjoy their long weekends. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss different online shopping websites in Pakistan that offer Black Friday discounts. 

  •   In 2012, was among the pioneers of introducing Black Friday sales in Pakistan. After the recent 11.11 sales, it will be another opportunity for online shopping customers in Pakistan to buy their favorite products at the lowest prices. Named as Big Friday sales, there will be up to 80% discount on selected items starting at 12 am-midnight for the next day.   A great addition to online shopping websites in Pakistan, was launched recently. Although WBM International has been in the online shopping business for almost 2 decades and owns several brands of consumer products in the USA, they have recently decided to explore Pakistan`s market. WBM International online offers several products under different brand names like WBM Care, Himalayan Glow, Natural Solution, W Beauty, WBM Men, WBM Shoe Care etc. On black Friday they are going to offer up to 70% discounts on many products. Although they have already many sale campaigns currently running like up to 50% discount with 7PM deals and 10% addition discounts with online purchases through online shopping app. So Blessed Friday sale there will be a discount on even more products. 

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