The Very Best Code Review Tools

Tools for code review! If you are someone who is working on an application that is in the development phase, you may be asking yourself what tools you can use to improve the application’s end results. This includes both the overall quality of the code review software tools and your skills, as well. There are many code review tools out there that you can use to find and fix mistakes during an app’s developmental stage, but like many other things, not all of these code review tools are created equally.

Best code review tools

Some of the most popular code review tools include Atlassian Crucible, Google Gerrit, Facebook Phabricator Differential, SmartBear Code Collaborator, Bitbucket and code review tools Github. Which of these is the best? Let’s take a closer look.

Making a Point about Code Review

You will see that code review techniques are very important and should be conducted even when they are not considered to be mission critical. There are many benefits, such as supplementing testing, ensuring quality and preventing potential rework in the future, sharing knowledge about code, architecture, the best practices and ensuring consistency.

They will also increase the “bus count”, which is well worth your time. You should not need a seriously complex tool, which may require maintenance on its own, when you are reviewing your code.


Gerrit is the most highly rated code review tool out there today. It makes reviewing code much easier, as it shows the original code with the edited code side by side and allows inline comments to be added by anyone reviewing the code.

Git code review tools! It also makes it easy for the person who is maintaining the project, as any authorized user is able to submit changes to the master Git repository. This prevents the project maintainer from having to approve all changes and merge them in by hand.


If you are already a fan of products developed by Google, you will probably like Rietveld, as it is a code review tool offered by them. It allows users to discuss any defects found in the code and review it as well. The tool is easy to use and simple to navigate as well.

Code Review Tool

Code Review Tool is another popular tool that will allow team members to collaborate and review codes easily and efficiently. It removes a lot of the stress that comes with formal code inspections and provides all the benefits at the same time. It is designed to support both formal and lightweight code review processes.

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