Plan a Perfect Spain Road Trip

Planning a Spain road trip is not always easy, because there are many routes available throughout the country. A lot of times, people need to sit down and determine what part of the country they want to visit or what attractions they want to see and then come up with a perfect Spain travel itinerary for their road trip in Spain.

Spain Road Trip - Spain travel Itinerary

Here are two different Spain road trips that people can consider when preparing for their Spain trip:

1. Galicia Road Trip

Galicia is absolutely breathtaking and it is probably one of Spain’s secret destinations.The best place to begin and end this road trip is in Santiago de Compostela, which is the capital of Galicia.

Travelers are encouraged to head North at first to see the Tower of Hercules, which is the only preserved Roman lighthouse that is still currently in use. After seeing the lighthouse, people can drive to Cape Finisterre to watch the sunset over the turquoise waters while walking along the white sand lined coast.

A little way up the coast is Vigo, Galicia’s largest city and where everyone can take the ferry over to the Cies Islands to spend some time on the most spectacular beaches in the country.

2. Andalusia Road Trip

Seville or Málaga are both fabulous starting points for this wonderful Spain road trip. For this post, the starting point will be Seville and from there everyone can head to Córboba, which is an ancient Roman city filled with religion and intellect. Free tapas and the Alhambra can be found in Granada and villages are on the sides of the hills in the Alpujarras.

Before reaching Málaga, people are encouraged to stop and gaze at the cliff-side buildings in Ronda. Once a person reaches Málaga, they will want to relax on one of the beaches and look out into the Mediterranean, while thinking about where they want to head to next.

These two Spain road trips will work perfectly for anyone who is trying to plan a wonderful Spain travel itinerary. Sometimes a road trip is the best way to see a country and that is what every Spain trip planner realizes after a lot of research. Anyone who is planning a road trip to Spain will want to consider including a road trip into their Spain trip itinerary.

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