Got back pain? Choose your pillow wisely

Best Pillow for back pain

Sleeping is essential for healthy living! Most people think that it’s the mattress, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep. The pillow too also has a vital part to play, especially if you have back pain.

People suffering from back pain frequently experience erratic sleep. When the body isn’t able to rest properly during sleep, the back pain aggravates. When the pillow is wrong or incorrect, the back pain will not ease during sleep. It is essential to consider the useful tips and top models, while you are selecting the best pillow for back pain.  Discussed below are the best pillow models that you can count on.

  1. Curved pillows

Do you want to replace your old flat pillow? If yes, you can use this as your alternative. The curved side of the pillows provided adequate support for the neck and head. It is perfect for the side sleepers as it allows them to maintain a neutral position. Do you want to take off the pressure from your spine during sleeping? If yes, you can opt-in for this ergonomic pillow and say yes to a sound sleep.

  • Facedown pillows

Sometimes, people with back pain or back injuries have a habit of sleeping on their stomach. The facedown pillows are the perfect choice for this. Similar to the bench of a Chiropractor, the pillow has a U-shape and a small cut out for comforting the face. It helps you sleep well and ease of the back pain.

  • Lumbar wedge pillows

Do you have a desk job? If yes, you might want to use a small wedge pillow and place between the desk chair and you. The pillow comes with a gently sloping lumbar pillow which provides the necessary support to the back pain and injuries. You can also use these pillows for sleeping. It comes with a gentle incline that minimizes the turning and tossing. And it also enables you to get to out of your bed.

  • Travel pillows

Back pain patients can’t afford to fall asleep in wrong positions. It can damage their neck and spine and aggravate the back pain. The ideal way out is the travel pillows. People mostly use this pillow during long car rides and airplanes. The pillow is U-shaped and offers adequate support to your neck and head, even when you are sleeping on an incline.

  • Cylinder pillows

The cylinder roll pillows are an excellent choice for back pain patients. This pillow gets filled with beans and foam. It is a perfect option for lumbar support when you keep it in a chair. You can also transition these pillows to the bed by placing one beneath the neck during sleep. It will help you to take all the weight away from the shoulders.

  • Oversized pillows

Does your back have pinched nerves? If yes, you can make use of this big pillow as your footrest as you are lying down on the bed. When you keep it between the legs, the flat cushions can keep the spine aligned when you sleep on the side.

These are some of the useful pillows for back pain. You can research each type and make an informed decision. Also, as you buy one online, select a reputed brand that provides the best product and value for money.

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