Best Things for a Backyard

Best Things for a Backyard – Tricking out your backyard for season after season of enjoyment is time and money well spent. Creating a space for fun, friends, family and relaxation is only as difficult as making a wish list of how you would like the space used. Here are some great ideas of what to add to your yard.

Best Things for a Backyard

A Swimming Pool

If you have a pool, you may end up with more friends than you can count. A pool is a great gathering place on a hot summer day as well as an elegant setting for an evening soiree. There are all sorts of pools to fit your lifestyle.

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Some popular choices include free-form pools that blend nicely with your landscaping, lap pools specifically designed for exercise and zero entry pools that provide a safer place for small children or those with disabilities to enjoy the water. Talking to an expert about pool finance and design will help you determine which style is right for you.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens can get too hot, especially in the warmer months. Imagine having a second kitchen outside for all your grilling and party prep which would keep you in the action and your house cooler. Outdoor kitchens generally include a nice grill and food prep space, but they can also include a pizza oven, a small refrigerator or ice maker and even storage space. To make the space truly enjoyable, add a sink and a shade for your head chef.

A Fire Pit

There is something mesmerizing about staring into a fire, so adding a fire pit can make your backyard extra special. There are several different types of fire pits, so choose the one that appeals to you. The classic pit is shaped like a large low circular pot. It sits up on legs and should be placed on tiles or away from grass. You can burn branches and wood picked up around the house, but a better choice is firewood especially seasoned for outdoor fires such as black oak which produces a steady burn or pinyon pine which adds a fragrant smell to the air. If you want something fancier, you can install a wood, propane or gas fire pit built to look like the top of a stone well. Fire tables and chimineas are also attractive additions to outdoor areas.

A Shady Area

Every backyard should have some shade available either by natural or artificial means. Your best bet for shade is a 100-year-old live oak tree, but if you don’t already have one of those in your yard, consider planting a fast-growing shade tree such as the quaking aspen or tulip tree. Both are beautiful. While you’re waiting for your trees to mature, explore other shade options such as a latticed arbor with vines or a shade sail that can be put up each summer and taken down before the first snow. If none of these are viable options, purchase an outdoor table with an umbrella hole and a few free-standing shade umbrellas.

A Playscape or Trampoline

Swing sets and playscapes can be expensive, but if you install a nice sturdy one when the kids or grandkids are little, it will get years and years of use. Trampolines likewise create a built-in activity that almost all kids love. It’s a great way for visiting youngsters to get extra energy out. Giving the kids something to do while the adults sit in the shade and sip beer is priceless.

A Birdfeeder

Half the fun of having a birdfeeder is getting to see the beautiful and colorful birds that use it including migrating species. The other half of the fun is watching the squirrels try to break into the feeder. If you’re pro-squirrel, add a few squirrel feeders where you can enjoy their acrobatics and then set up a few squirrel-proof bird feeders. Don’t forget to buy a bird-identification book and a pair of binoculars.

If you’re not careful, you may never be able to get friends and family to leave your backyard. The last item you may need to install is a big lock on your gate!

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