5 Health Benefits of Birth Control

Did you know that hormonal birth control is the most popular contraceptional method in the United States? If taken correctly, it shows a great result in preventing pregnancy (efficiency is more then 99%). But this is not the only advantage of birth control pills. Among the women who take hormonal birth control, 14% use them for non-contraceptive purposes. And 58% take them partially for contraception purposes.

Birth Control Pills - Health Benefits of Birth Control

The fact is that the most suitable type of birth control for you is likely to depend on several factors. If you plan to start using hormonal contraception, you need to know about the other advantages of birth control pills.

1. Decreases ovarian of and endometrial cancer risks

Ovarian cancer is a very common disease, it takes the fifth position in cancer death rate in the United States. But women who take the pills are less prone to this deadly disease, and the risk is reduced if they take them for a long time. The use of oral contraceptives decreases the risk of developing ovarian cancer during life by 40-50% for women with an average risk. In addition, free birth control pills are associated with lower chances of developing endometrial cancer, the most frequent type of uterine cancer. The protecting influence rises with the time a woman takes the pill. It even lasts up to 30 years after she stops using it.

2. It is helpful for women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common hormonal disorder among women. About 10% of all women of childbearing age are diagnosed with PCOS. The most common symptoms of this disease are:

  • irregular menstruation
  • excess hair on the face, chest, back, and limbs
  • acne 
  • baldness
  • weight gain

It’s not a treatment, but hormonal birth control pills can help to correct menstrual cycles, decrease hair growth, and remove acne.

3. They can help to clear up acne

As you already know, 14% of women take birth control pills for non-contraceptive reasons. One of the reasons is to get rid of acne. Gynecologists usually prescribe combined birth control pills, that include both progestin and estrogen. They can reduce the level of androgen (a hormone that helps produce oils in the skin) in the body. As combined birth control pills can reduce the number and severity of breakouts, they can be a good option for women who need hormonal birth control and are also trying to cleanse their skin.

4. Birth control can relieve pain during menstruation

Most women of reproductive age are suffering from pain for one or two days during menstruation. Perhaps that is why 31% of women using the pill rely on it to relieve menstrual pain. Hormonal contraception decreases prostaglandin levels in the body. This prevents the thickening of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which leads to easier periods.

5. Periods can also become more regular

Increased weight, meds, and other conditions can influence your cycle and you may not receive your period at the same time every month even if you are healthy. Hormonal contraception can make your menstruation more predictable. You need to take birth control pills for 21 days and then placebo pills for seven days. Within a week of a placebo, a break from hormones causes bleeding that imitates the menstruation. 

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