Bob Dylan: Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 2016

Bob Dylan is a kind of mythical force in music. His voice and his lyrics have brought joy to countless of people over the course of the previous six decades. The American singer wins by Nobel Prize 2016 in Literature.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize 2016 for Literature

The artist’s stature was immensely elevated recently when he was awarded the Nobel Prize. This was a surprise announcement. He was given this award for his creativity in developing novel poetic expressions in the traditional American singing.

Sara Danius, the Secretary of the Academy in Sweden stated that the choice of Bob Dylan was an easy one. Yet, she hoped that the academy does not have to face undue criticism for choosing the singer.

Nobel prize 2016 in Literature

The Literature Prize has been awarded to Bob Dylan for being a great poet. He is very original and is familiar with both high and low literature.

Musician and not a writer

Bob Dylan is regarded as a musician rather than a writer. However his artistic genius cannot be confided to a single genre. The Academy emphasized the fact that though Bob Dylan’s music was at par with his contemporaries. His poetry also deserved to be read and understood.

Dylan was born in Minnesota in 1941. He had his first guitar when he was 14 years old. He was inspired by poet Dylan Thomas and adopted his name.

In 1961, he moved to New York and started performing cafes and clubs. In 1962, he released his very first album. It was followed by several other albums that are now considered masterpieces.

Bob Dylan is considered one of the most influential figures in the musical scene of the United States. But critics have always given him a hard time.

It is still not known how Bob Dylan reacted to the news of him getting the Nobel Prize in Literature. He seldom agrees to giving interviews and seems to have trouble with decades of spotlight upon himself.

Not everyone has taken the news of Dylan’s award in a positive way. Irvine Welsh confirmed that the choice was very bad and an ill conceived idea. Another novelist Hari Kunzru also declared that the Nobel committee had made a bad decision.

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