Brandi Glanville Claims she is Not Fired From RHOBH

Brandi Glanville once again is making a prominent spot in the RHOBH but this time she actually didn’t shred words when she talked with Howard Stern about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars during a conference sort of interview for Stern’s Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday the July 1.

Brandi Glanville Claims she is not Fired form RHOBH

It is only being a week after saying Bravo will permanently be her family, but now she used some choice words for her costars comprising them. According to her others have fueling rumors that she was fired from the reality show.

In her interview to the media, she said:

“Actually they don’t know and they have no idea. But here’s what draws, and this is why they’re not what they say. As they’re saying that I got fired and I’m in the procedure of moving irritating to rent a house for my two children and no one will pay for me because they don’t think I have a job. That’s why they are doing so.”

Considering the facts last year was truly tough year for her since she felt like she had been played. Yet she gave my all to the show. In part because of that she was actually against doing another season even however it would have destined a much bigger payday.

According to the interview she is doing fine and made just $16,000 as a friend in Season 2 but received over $100,000 as a permanent star and was due for another increase soon.

If that not the case she insisted teasing that she has a new show and a progress deal with a big network on her slate. So what actually happened is difficult to stay. Glanville made a decision to leave after taking heat online after last season’s tricks.

She revealed to the social media:

“When the show was aired I supposed, this is it but they did me no courtesies in the editing room. And I got certainly distressed and a little unhappy.”

Because of the so much hate on social media Glanville reached on to question her role on the series. Glanville also said surely some cast mates declined to shoot scenes with her but confessed she will seem positive to come next season.

Even for a for a little bit is enough but sources have told that her closest allies Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster will not return full-time either.

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