Breast implants – Everything you need to know

Breast implants are also known as breast surgery, augmentation or simply a boob job. All these words have almost the same meaning.

Breast implants – Everything you need to know

Breast implants:

The below article will allow the reader to have a simple and concise explanation of the terms and what it entails. Breast implants is a prosthesis which is used for changing the size, shape and even contour of a woman’s breast.

It can also be carried out for restoring a natural looking breast or for correcting deformities in the chest wall. It can also be considered a kind of cosmetic surgery when the process is carried out for enhancing or enlarging the appearance of the breast.

There are three types of devices that are used in the implant procedure. These are based in the material that is used as filler: silicone gel, saline solution and composite filler.

Composite fillers are no more being recommended by plastic surgeons. In fact, they are completely banned in the US as well as Europe. The reason for this ban being the health risks associated with them and complication that may arise later.

Surgically, for the purpose of reconstructing the breast, an expander device is used for tissues. It is a temporary prosthesis for the breast which is used for forming a pocket for implant before a permanent implant is established.

The process has been used since the late nineteenth century. Its main purpose at that time was to enhance the size of the breasts or modify their shape.

The American society of Plastic surgeons has revealed that augmentation of the breasts is the most widely requested cosmetic surgical process.

The first thing that should be noted regarding this process is that the first breast surgery will most probably be a beginning of further surgeries. At least 25 percent of women who go for this treatment would require another surgery within the next 10 years since they implants do have an expiry date.

It may start leaking or develop scars. This will call for another surgery. It is also very important to note that an implanted breast is very different to the touch than a real breast. Silicone breasts may feel more like real breasts, but still they are not natural.

Breast implants may hinder a woman’s ability to breastfeed in the future. This is because doctors recommend that there may be complications during or after breastfeeding.

Another important point to note is that a woman who is undergoing breast implant surgery may lose feeling in her nipples after the procedure is complete.

It is highly recommended that before going under the knife, the pros and cons of the procedure and its after effects be very clearly understood and weighed before making the final decision.

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