5 Types Of Bridal Makeup Styles To Bring Out The Diva In You

“Behind the makeup I am just an ordinary girl who wishes for the world to be mine”-Marilyn Monroe

Makeup is what enhances the look of a girl, it brings out her inner beauty and makes her look confident. At weddings makeup is what creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride. 

Bridal Makeup Styles

Over time the art of applying makeup has undergone through major changes. Traditional makeup has become a talk of the past. With the passage of time the beauty industry has roped in newer makeup styles. What is a perfect makeup style is a common question asked by people. Well the answer to it is simply a perfect makeup style is one that brings out the inner beauty of a girl, hides her flaws and highlights her sharp features thus accentuating the natural look of the person.

Are you getting married soon? Planning to tie the knot in the city of joy? You must have then booked the best makeup artist in Kolkata. But what next? Just hiring a makeup artist does not finish your task. In order to get the perfect bridal look you need to do your research. You need to be well versed with the various makeup styles available in the beauty industry. Knowledge of the makeup styles would help you in determining which one you want to opt for. So to help you out we present a list of the popular bridal makeup styles. Here have a look.

1. HD Makeup

Hd which stands for high definition is a makeup style that the celebs are seen wearing. The celebrities have to face the harsh camera lights for hours which is why they need to put on good quality of makeup. The celebs have to work with precision cameras that capture every line and crease both natural and artificial ones formed with makeup on their faces. Similarly at wedding the bride’s face is also captured with precision cameras which is why HD makeup technique works best in their cases. The HD makeup style makes use of sheer makeup that hides the creases and lines on the brides face thus giving a flawless appearance.  The best pro aspect of HD makeup is that it does not feel that heavy and gives a natural look.

2. Airbrush Makeup

A hyping makeup trend that has gained popularity this wedding season is the airbrush makeup style. The airbrush makeup style is all about painting with the airbrush instead of using the traditional makeup tools such as sponges and brushes. The airbrush style creates a layer of makeup thus providing a smoother finish and making the bride to appear flawless. The airbrush makeup is a bit heavy works best in humid conditions as it lasts for over hours. The airbrush makeup hides the blemishes, dark circles, lightens skin tone differences without giving an unnatural or cakey appearance.

3. Matte Makeup

Add a dramatic touch to your makeup by opting for the matte makeup. The matte makeup enables you to experiment with bold colors without taking away the natural look of the face. The bold and subtle appearance achieved from the application of matte makeup makes it ideal for all weather conditions. The matte makeup being light allows the skin to breathe freely. Matte makeup is available in plethora of colors and hues and each of it creates a stunningly gorgeous looks.

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4. Mineral Makeup

Do you have a sensitive skin? Do the harsh makeup products gives skin irritation? Well its time you said goodbye to the chemical makeup products and replaced them with mineral makeup. Mineral makeup makes use of chemical free makeup products that are loaded with natural goodness that cause less damage to the skin. The mineral makeup is often recommended by dermatologist after the special treatments.

5. Smoky Makeup

Have you always wanted to look like a diva on your wedding? Bring out the inner diva in you by opting for the smoky makeup style. The smoky makeup creates a mysterious yet sassy look with the highlight on the eyes and the lips. The makeup style makes use of shades of blacks and grey to create a dark smoky look whereas it uses shades of brown to create a soft smoky look. The smoky makeup gives an extremely sensuous appeal without making it way to chic or eclectic.

So these were a few makeup styles that add oomph to your bridal look. Which one are you choosing? Tell us in the comments below about your choice.

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