Everything You Need To Know About LASIK Surgery

LASIC Eye Surgery – In the modern world an average human spends almost 10 hours in front of some kind of a screen. Our dependence on mobiles, computers and various other gadgets are to be blamed for these long hours. The artificial light that these screens emit is excessively harmful to the eyes. Long hours of staring into the screens can develop serious eye defects as has been observed in the recent years. Eye problem cases have seen a stark rise in the recent decade. Even children are diagnosed with several eye problems.

Certain professions require proper eyesight and cannot be carried on without the same. Therefore, the children have profession options restricted. However, the ever-developing medical community has invented ways to perform corrective surgeries so as to deal with the eye problems. LASIC Eye Surgery is one such solution. LASIC stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. LASIC is the most common eye surgery that helps treat Myopia, Hyperopia or astigmatism.

LASIC surgery is the same as other corrective eye surgeries. The cornea is re-shaped so as to help focus the light that enters our eyes, properly on to the retina to obtain a clearer vision. LASIC Eye Surgery is a surgery that exerts no pain. It takes about 15 minutes to perform the surgery on both the eyes. The effects of the surgery are almost immediately evident. The vision starts working fine even without glasses or contact lenses. The vision continues to improve over time.

Advantages Of LASIC Eye Surgery:

LASIC Surgery Has The Following Advantages:

  • LASIC surgeries have a ridiculous success rate of 96%. They have been performed for over 25 years and still the success rate is as high as 96%. Most of the patients obtain the desired vision after LASIC surgeries. A further enhancement of the procedure may even up the success rate considerably.
  • The usage of drops to numb the eyes of any potential pain is an important upside of the surgery. The eyes become numb due to the drops and thus make the procedure free from pain.
  • The results of the procedure are clear almost immediately. Noticeable improvements are visible by the day after the surgery.
  • There is no requirement of bandages or stitches after LASIC. This makes the surgery a lot more hassle-free as due care can easily be taken without risks of infection.
  • LASIC Eye Surgery enables further adjustments to the cornea as the age advancements of a particular patient.
  • Most patients after LASIC develop vision without any ailments. However, there are a few that may have their dependency on glasses and contact lenses cut considerably.

Disadvantages of LASIC Eye Surgery:

LASIC Eye Surgery

LASIC surgery may seem flawless, but it has its drawbacks. Here are some of the:

  • It is very important to choose the surgeon very carefully. Only the experienced surgeons can perform the surgery properly. If not properly performed, the cornea may develop a flap that can affect the eyesight permanently.
  • In very rare cases, LASIC may lead to los of “best Vision”. Best vision refers to the corrected vision that the contact lenses or the eyeglasses provided.

Side Effects of LASIC Surgery:

LASIC Eye Surgery has been revolutionary. But it has its own side effects to deal with. Some of the side effects exhibited by LASIC Surgery are:

  • On being exposed to light, an eye, having undergone LASIC, may experience glare.
  • Another light problem that may arise after LASIC is the halo that one might see around images.
  • Driving at night becomes difficult due to the viewing problems LASIC brings with it.
  • People undergone LASIc may also experience dry eyes.
  • The visions also fluctuate after LASIC.

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