Building your Business On Instagram

Instagram for business – Instagram’s continued predominance in the virtual community and social networks with over a billion active users in a month inevitably makes it the ideal hub to connect, network and grow yourself, your ideas and business to reach out exemplary customers effectively alongside daily interactions with peers all over the world in real-time.

Business On Instagram

The app layouts, data, and algorithms have made it easier for individuals from creators, influencers, friends, even celebrities to augment awareness, share a story grow a customer base.

Building your Business On Instagram

Brands and companies can now easily reach their customers, advertise and share their content through stories, photos, videos, carousels or collections. Another tip to create engaging photos is by using a shoppable Instagram gallery that shows your Instagram posts with clickable links that a customer can use to buy your products; The most popular apps that you can download are Snappt, Covet Pics and Social Shop Wave.

The E-commerce nature of Instagram throws the user an infinite ball of options, not just stopping at views or likes, but can also make your business profitable and reach a target audience based on location, interest, demographics, behaviors and even network or collaborate with similar brands. A good strategy that can be incorporated to market your business properly and possibly avoid confusing your audience is leveraging your feed and stories in your Instagram marketing plan . Other features or strategies are creating Instagram lives on your page, alongside Q&A’s, Takeovers and announcement to build your audience.

Setting your account to a business account nimbly makes it possible to monitor real-time analytics on the performance of your posts. As a business owner or entrepreneur, your page and posts would be accessed by the general public because ideally, you would like to drive awareness of your ideas, product, app or service. Optimizing your page and Bio with a contact number, email address, call-to-action-buttons, and even your website would be superb to make your potential customers aware of how to reach out to you and possibly serve as a customer support feature.

The next tip is sharing great content with your audience and creating a visually aesthetic page that would showcase easily what you do. Taking good photographs and videos for the targeted audience would increase interactivity and transparency about your role and stand out from regular pages. Using right hashtags makes finding specific content, trends and topics easier to find and you can possibly reach out to influencers from the same niche in a clear manner because its a no brainer that similar minds and brands have similar strategies and target audiences.

As an entrepreneur, being rigidly aware of being consistent in posting regularly and marketing your brand or services is key, having a brand plan to grow your online business would guide your efforts and make the outcome much more constructive. Putting in mind a primary goal with your business on Instagram is important and would be relative to the content you create. Building traffic to your website, making sales from your product, building up your email list, knowing your target audience and other motivational goals you set or write down would be the most important backbone to your online Business.

If you want to get started with an Instagram business account, here is how to get started.

  1. Create a business page and profile
  2. Set up your ad
  3. Determine your budget
  4. Publish

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