The top 4 ways small businesses are using cloud

It doesn’t matter whether you are a technological buff or not, you must have heard about the revolutionary cloud computing technology. Well, cloud computing is no more a new kid on the block as it has become one of the most iconic technological solutions that have become a base for a long list of technological innovations.

ways small businesses are using cloud

Well, cloud computing might not be a new concept as the term cloud computing was coined way back in the ’90s but it took this advantageous technology many decades to finally transform into a revolutionary technology.

There is no denial in the fact that cloud computing has become a part of our everyday life, whether you know it or not, but this amazing technology has also changed the way businesses used to work. You might be thinking that since cloud computing is very advanced and offers a plethora of advantages, it might be limited to giant businesses only but that’s not true. In addition to being advantageous, cloud computing is economical as well. This is the main reason why different cloud computing applications have become a new normal for small and medium-sized businesses as well. If you are still wondering how small businesses are taking advantage of cloud computing solution then here are the top 4 ways small businesses are using the cloud.

For storage

One of the most popular and famous ways cloud computing is being used by small businesses is for storage. You should know that sensitive data is the most valuable asset owned by any business and that’s why all the businesses are always on the hunt of finding the most secure platform for storing their sensitive business data like financial data. Well, cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or OneDrive are some of the most famous storage options that are being used by both small and medium-sized businesses. The basic storage space provided by these platforms is completely free but if you need extra space then you will have to choose the paid version of these platforms.

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For hosting

Another major use of cloud computing technology by small businesses is for hosting. Software solutions are surely an important part of small businesses but instead of installing the software on the desktop, small businesses are using them on the cloud. Just by choosing the right cloud vendor, small businesses have been able to take advantage of the cloud platform in many different ways. High uptime, heightened security, anywhere, anytime accessibility, cost-saving, scalability, flexibility, round the clock customer support, multi-user access; these are surely some of the most common advantages small businesses are harnessing by using cloud hosting solution. The cloud hosting solution is very cheap as well. Some of the most famous cloud hosting solutions like hosted QuickBooks can easily opt for just $34.95 per month per user basis.

For app development

In addition to using industry software solutions, businesses are developing their own apps as well. The development of apps from the business side is allowing firms to target the gigantic market of mobile users without any hassle. But instead of using the traditional app development platform, small businesses are now using the cloud-based platform for app development. You should know that time matters a lot in app development because if you will be able to develop an app on time then you will be able to get proper time for marketing it. Well, by using a cloud-based platform, small businesses are able to fasten the speed of app development. This has been made possible by the cloud computing platform because it comes with pre-built tools and frameworks. So, instead of wasting time on developing the framework and platform for app development, developers can simply focus on making the app.

For backup

Permanent data loss is surely one of the biggest worries for most businesses and small businesses are no exception to this. If a disaster hits a small business then it will result in complete data loss and that’s why instead of relying on the local hard disk for backup, small businesses have now moved to cloud for better backup. You should know that most of the small businesses of the modern-day era are now using the cloud for backup. Even if you will just choose a cloud hosting provider, you will get automatic backup as an add-on from them. In the cloud, the data is stored at multiple locations so even in the case of a catastrophe, the data can be restored without any delay and the business continuity can be easily maintained.

For small businesses, cloud computing has become the order of the day and now each and every type of small business is using the cloud in some form. Cloud computing is not only beneficial to small businesses but it also fits in like a glove in the limited budget of small businesses.

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