Can Brain Supplements Boost Memory?

What Is A Memory Booster?

While some people are naturally blessed with an etched remembrance power, others have a memory like a sieve and resolve to supplements.

supplements for memory

Memory booster supplements are nothing but a blend of memory augmenting ingredients, which can either be natural or chemically derived. These are known to de-accelerate memory loss.

Earlier memory issues were observed only in a few people as an outcome of ageing, but today, increasing competition and stress affects brain function like never before.That is when supplements for memory come into the picture!

These memory boosters elevate creativity and boost analytical ability. The supplements influence one’s lifestyle in the right direction, by fueling the brain to work well in nerve-racking situations.

Which Nootropics Contribute Positively To Increase Your Competence?

  • B- Vitamins– Backed up by research, Vitamin B is said to strengthen recollection ability when taken with omega-3 fatty acids. Found in poultry and cereals, Vitamin B must be included in your diet for decreasing mental fatigue.
  • Vincamine– It is a compound found in the periwinkle plant which prevents the brain from radical damage and makes people smarter.
  • Vitamin E– Vitamin E is another cognitive enhancer which prevents tissue damage. Though a high dosage of this vitamin hardly improves memory. Still and all, its shortage does recede remembrance in a significant number of people.
  • Ginkgo biloba– This incredibly popular herbal remedy acts as a gatekeeper to the brain by regulating blood supply and hence, shooting-up mental energy.
  • Suntheanine– Occurring in a variety of teas, this substance promotes an alert state of relaxation.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are numerous other natural substances & supplements for memory that increase intelligence and prevent logical decline.

Which Memory Enhancers Work?

It is hard to say which memory boosters are authentic and which are merely false claims since only a very few scientific pieces of evidence are available. However, there exist natural elements that hoist the functioning of the brain and some of the products that contain a mix of these naturally occurring ingredients can be tried to enhance your memory.

A promising supplement that staves off dementia is contrived using an array of natural ingredients like caffeine, ginkgo herb, boron, etc.,

What Goes Wrong?

In addition to uncontrollable external factors, flawed lifestyle choices can also be the reason for a shrinking memory.

For example, high consumption of fried food indirectly affects the efficiency of the brain. Moreover, the lack of clinical trials leads to the wrong supplement choice. Also, these products do not go through FDA processes.

Thus, it is better to opt for a product that contains little to no synthetic ingredients and buy those supplements for memory which are prescribed by a practitioner.


Flooding of the market with a variety of memory supplements makes selecting one an appreciably tough choice. But feedback from athletes, business owners, etc., show that some of these memory supplements are beneficial. Anyone who thinks of settling with these supplements must do sufficient research and look for associated the side-effects if any.

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