Can Douching Cause a UTI?

Some women think that douching is beneficial in that it cleans the vagina, prevents unwanted odor and prevents infection. However, douching is not recommended for a number of reasons, and one is that it can actually lead to a UTI. Women who are constantly searching for chronic UTI treatment should take a good look at different lifestyle practices to see what may be causing them. Douching may be the culprit, as can a variety of other practices.

Can Douching Cause a UTI?

Concerns With Douching

Women’s health experts have a variety of concerns when it comes to douching. Some women who have symptoms of vaginal infections, such as abnormal discharge, foul odor, burning, itching and redness, may think using a douche helps relieve them. However, this is not the case. In fact, douching can actually spread the bacteria that is causing the infection up further into the reproductive tract, which may lead to worse infections and/or make it hard to diagnose the issue.

Douching pushes both good and bad bacteria away from the vagina, and this can result in improper pH levels. The normal pH of a vagina is in between 3.8 and 4.3, and when it goes outside of this range it can lead to infection. Women who are wondering how to prevent a UTI should avoid douching and instead wash the vagina properly. All this takes is a mild soap and warm water. It is also important to thoroughly rinse off the soap and pat the area dry.

Other Causes of UTIs


If someone avoids douching but is still getting urinary tract infections, they may be due other causes of this infection. A common question some women have is, why do you get a UTI after sex?The reason for this is because the act of intercourse also pushes harmful bacteria up further into the vagina. If it is not flushed out, this can lead to a UTI. To prevent this, women should urinate immediately after sex to rid the body of this bad bacteria.

Semen also has a higher pH level, which can temporarily cause the vaginal pH to rise. One way to prevent this issue is to always use a condom with intercourse.

Feminine Products

When a pad or tampon is kept in place for too long, bacteria can grow quickly and easily. Make sure to change them every four hours or so. The type of feminine product can make a difference as well. Organic tampons and pads made with 100% cotton are free from toxic ingredients and fragrances that can disrupt the pH and lead to a UTI.


Wearing the wrong underwear can also lead to a UTI. Underwear that is too tight or not breathable can cause the growth of harmful bacteria, as can wearing sweaty underwear for long periods of time because bacteria love excessive moisture. Wear cotton, avoid G-strings and remove clothing immediately after working out.

Prevent the Growth of Harmful Bacteria To prevent the growth or spread of bacteria that leads to UTIs, there are numerous things to do. These include avoiding douches and following hygienic practices to keep the vaginal pH at a normal level.

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