How to Improve the Life-Span of Your Hearing Aid and Repair it

So, you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and your ear specialist has prescribed a pair of hearing aids. Unfortunately, you have no other option but to wear them. But if you are using the devices for the first time, it is crucial to take some extra care. The devices may look like a small earphone; they contain several sensitive parts that help in improving your hearing experience.

How to Improve the Life-Span of Your Hearing Aid and Repair it

The hearing aid is also a kind of machine, which can start to malfunction at some point in time.  So, if you think that your device is not working appropriately, you need to consult your hearing professional. 

Let’s throw some light on how you can enhance the life-span of your hearing accessories and get them repaired in case of any snags.

Keep the Hearing Aids Clean

First things first, you need to keep your hearing aids clean. It is one of the easiest and basic methods to increase the duration of its service. Most hearing devices are designed in a compact way, which makes it much easier earwax and other debris to get accumulated on the surface or trapped in the tiny holes. So, you need to make it a point to clean the device on an everyday basis. Always use a dry and clean tissue or cloth.

If you are not able to clean you can take them to an authentic hearing service center. 

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

One of the common reasons that lead to malfunctioning of hearing devices is an excess accumulation of moisture. And the fact is that most people are not aware of it. It is only when they are not able to hear the sound properly, they realize that there is something wrong.

What you need to do is open the battery compartment and remove the batteries, allowing the air to pass through. For people who perspire heavily, it is advisable to get one hearing aid sleeve or sweatband. You can also keep your aids dry using a dehumidifier especially designed for these devices. They help to eliminate moisture, which prolongs the life of the aids.  However, don’t open battery on your own, if you are not familiar with the process. Also, be careful when you are applying any cosmetic on the face or when you go out for swimming.

What are the Common Troubleshoot Issues that Needs a Repair

If your hearing aid is not functioning properly and you are not able to detect the specific reason, visit a genuine hearing aid repairing service. It is recommended that you should also consult your audiologist first so that he can conduct a hearing test as well.

It may be that your battery is not placed correctly because of which you are not able to hear anything or very low voices. The hearing aid might give you trouble due to non-functioning of the volume button. Also, do remember that the issue may depend on the type of hearing aid you are using. For example, if you are using Behind-the-Ear(BTE) hearing aid, you can face problems such as a damaged tube. The service center can fix the issues and it becomes fit to be used again.

Before going to the repair center do check the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, confirm the cost of repair services. If your product is still within the warranty period, you can get your hearing aid repaired for free. However, replacing some parts may be chargeable. 

On An Ending Note

Hearing aids are delicate and sensitive devices. It may develop any problem if not handled with care. Also, don’t try to repair them on your own but instead consult your audiologist and service center.

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