Options Available for Car Detailing in Sydney

Sydney is a car lover’s paradise, with many new models rolling into the auto mobile market each year. Nearly 50.3% of households in the city own a car. It is home to several events and auto expos, the Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo being one of them. If you are also an auto enthusiast, car detailing in Sydney ensures that your vehicle looks like new, with every aspect of its cosmetic being taken care of. 

Car Detailing in Sydney

Car Detailing Trends To Watch Out For

Car Detailing and car washes have undergone a transformation in the last decade. While a good old car wash takes care of your car’s basic cleanliness, you need something extra to make your car retain its appeal over time. 

Modern car detailing methods include Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Protection and the use of paint protection films. The former is a state-of-the-art quartz coating system that enhances the look of the automotive paint. 

It adds extra gloss and adds depth to the colour. Paint protection films prevent the car paint from getting scratches and being exposed to other weather elements like flying debris during a storm. 

Types of Cars That You Can Take For Car Detailing Services

No matter what kind of vehicle you possess, you can get detailing services for every variety. Be it your grandfather’s vintage car or your dream luxury sports car, be it a truck, a racer car, or family minivan, you can get detailing services for all of them. Do you know you need a special license for running cars older than 30 years, in Sydney? It means your vehicle should be closer to its original looks and conditions, except safety features. So, work with car detailing shops that specialise in such vehicles, too. 

The prices will depend on the surface area of each car and the type of finish you want. Premium luxury cars will cost more, but it is worth protecting your car’s design details in the long run. 

What is the Price for Car Detailing Services?

Car detailing in Sydney can start from around $75 and go up to a few thousand dollars, depending on what kind of finish you are ultimately looking for. If your car paint is worn from prolonged usage and you want a complete makeover, you can opt for one of the detailing packages. 

You can also customise your packages according to your needs. The packages mostly use a combination of paint protection films, All Surface Quartz protection, and clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane films. The detailing services also come with warranty periods. 

How Does Car Detailing Protect the Car?

Car detailing in Sydney lends protection to your car while driving and from the elements of weather. When out on the road, your car body could suffer abrasions from other vehicles passing by. 

There can be accidental scratches on the surface. Some car parts are more prone to damages like the headlights, bonnets, guards, bumper, mirrors covers, luggage areas, and the doors. With car detailing, you can ensure that these areas are adequately protected, as scratches and abrasions will harm the car. 

This will prove way more affordable in the long run, as there would be no need to take your car for regular touch-ups to the mechanic with every dent or scratch on the vehicle. 

As Sydney is a bustling city with a population of about 4,926,000, driving your car in the heavy traffic puts your car at the risk of getting scratched. Tar from the road, bug and insect splatter and flying stone chips while driving on rough terrain are some of the other factors that can damage the car paint. 

With certified and factory-trained professionals, car detailing in Sydney will provide your vehicle with the protection it deserves.

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