Carrie Underwood Rejoices 10th Anniversary of “American Idol”

Carrie Underwood has been completed her ten years of her successful career and celebrating the 10th anniversary of her start of career. In 6 November, 2013 she performs at the 47th country music association Awards in Nashville she performs very well on the medley of songs She is very thankful to the American Idol show which entirely changed her life.

Carrie Underwood Rejoices 10th Anniversary of “American Idol”

This beautiful girl is an American singer, actress and also a very good songwriter. She was first time introduced in 2005 through the fourth season of the reality television series and now she is famous and known as the multi award winning singer.

After this show she released her debut album named as Some Hearts which soon become the fastest selling debut album in the country of Nielson. It got the sound scan history with extremely subtended success of the singer’s hit songs. Many people like her songs. Her song Jesus, Take the Wheel was superb.

Her success reflects her hardworking of previous ten years. She is now on very high in the social media. It is very hard according to her to believe that she had completed her 10 years with great success.

Carrie Underwood Rejoices 10th Anniversary of “American Idol”

She declares that American Idol is the first stair of her success. She did many thanks to this show. Really we should also be thankful to this show that they give us a very hardworking, loyal and successful artist for us.

Underwood breaks many different records over the course of her career after winning the singing competition series for the first time. She has been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

She has won many awards on her different albums or on specified songs. She has won 11 Academy of Country Music awards and the 8th American music award or seven Grammy awards. Her voice and especially her lyrics very heart touching.

On one of her songs which show a strong faith and strong believe on the Christianity she got a Billboard Music Award for top Christian songs.

In her songs which shows the faith in Christianity is based on the themes of conversion, baptism and keeping the faith. She’s really honored the families of U.S veterans who died in combat by saying that she is very thankful for those who gave sacrifice to their lives to keep others safe and free.

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