Check Out the New Music Score of A.R Rahman for ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’

Recently, A.R Rahman posted a clip on Facebook which is related to the new music score of A.R Rahman. The latest video is getting extremely viral. Here are the hot news about it.

Check out the new music score of A.R Rahman for ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’

Response of Viewers on New Music Score of A.R Rahman:

As we have already updated you from the latest news about A.R Rahman’s new video. He spreads an amazing message in his new video. In the new music score of A. R Rahman he gives a message. He says that Pele is a legend and he is doing music for him. This is a great honor for him. This is because not everyone get chance to do so. In addition to that, he says that this chance is not available every day.

People are going crazy for this video clip of A.R Rahman’s new music score. It is attracting a large group of people towards itself. It is no doubt an outstanding video. Until now, this video has been viewed over 7, 00,000 times on the most popular social networking website, Facebook. This is not the end. More than 30,000 people liked this video on the same social networking website, Facebook.

Overview of the New Music Score of A.R Rahman:

Let’s talk about the cast and crew of this hit video. If we talk about the cast, we are having the most famous and talented people in it. In this video Anna Beatriz is also introduced. This famous and eminent musician is working with A.R Rahman in this project of ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’. Anna Beatriz said that this project was an amazing and wonderful experience. As it was an honor to write something which is related to the beloved people of Brazil.

The movie was released recently on 6 May, 2016. The fans of this movie will love this new music score of A.R Rahman. Main part of the movie was revolving around the World Cup of 1958. It is popular because it was the legend’s international debut.

It covers the youth of Pele. How Pele promised his father that he will win the cup one day. All about his passion and ambition is described in this movie beautifully.


This movie will definitely rock the international market. This is because of the reason that the new music score of A.R Rahman is enough to capture people’s attraction. Just imagine how amazing this movie would be. The song is getting viral as the time passes by. On the other hand, the movie itself is so amazing. It revolves around the life of Pele. How he made efforts to won the world cup.

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