Christie in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2! Identify her

The idea or the reaction by looking the Mockingjay trailer part 1 is the action packed but if you have experienced to watch the new Hunger Games Mockingjay – part 2 then surely the first reaction or the first thought that comes to your mind simply is the “Explosion”.

Christie in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2! Identify her

No other word can come to your mind after watching this. Oh what the movie is??? Amazing its dramatic dialogues, acting of the celebrities everything is just fabulous. The trailer attracts the viewers to see it must.

It is the game of Thrones star and the role of Commander Lyme was played by Gwendoline Christie. Basically Commander Lyme is one of the leaders of the rebellion against the Capitol, and she originally hails from district 2. The science fiction fantasy series adding another role in an epic to her resume.

In the game of thrones the best known for flourishing a sword and not putting up with Jaime Lannister’s nonsense as Brienne is the Christie. She is the good and hardworking actress and also will appear in the next star wars. The force generate as the strange Captain phasma, who wears a stole and glossy shock trooper cover.

The question is now who is Phasma??? Phasma is a member of the first order, which is the malicious new version of the Empire in the force, awakens. Whatever is it, we still don’t even know that either Christie plays an actual villain or she is just working for the bad guys and look what happened now???

She is in the Hunger game. It is very surprising to see her like this in the Hunger game but I think that you may have forgotten that Christie was expected to even be in Mockingjay- part2, and basically she was not like that in her originality.

Christies step in after replacing the Lili Rabe who is the American Horror story star and was going to be the first commander Lyme, but unfortunately she had to drop out due to the previous commitments.

So Christie takes the charge instead of her in April 2014. The height of the Christie is the 6`3 and at the plot when Katniss meet first time with the commander Lyme it takes her a interval to identify her but finally she come to know that Commander Lyme was a former Champion in this Hunger games for many years.

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