Texas officer resigns over injustice pool Party Incident

The police officer doing fighting a teen to the ground at a Texas pool party he resigned Tuesday, and the city’s police chief blasted his actions as “indefensible. Conley said, the actions of Casebolt, as seen on the video of the trouble at the community pool, is hard to defend.

Texas officer resigns over injustice pool Party Incident

McKinney, Texas Chief Greg Conley told journalists at an evening briefing that Officer David Eric Casebolt was out of control. The chief confirmed, Casebolt resigned from the force earlier in the day.

A Casebolt showed his aggression, who is white, pushing a bikini dressed black, young girl to the ground last Friday and brandishing his gun at other black teens after he and other officers react to criticism about the pool party at a community owned McKinney swimming pool.

Conley had at first placed the previous Texas state officer on administrative leave after the incident. At the conference, the police chief defended the actions of the other officers who react to the party. He said, “There were twelve officers on scene. Eleven did exactly what we wanted them to do.”

Coney said: I do not ignore the actions of those persons who despoiled the rules of the community, showed contempt to the security person on scene and to the officers who reacted.

The incident has prompted criticism of the rich community of McKinney north of Dallas, the fastest increasing nation’s increasing cities and was status by one publication as America’s best place to live. Police chief Greg Conley said that our policies, our training, do not bear his actions.

The NAACP is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to assess the actions of the McKinney police force, discontinue short of asking for an official inquiry. A review of department policies is required to make sure officers are reacted properly to call involving minorities.

Casebolt had been critical of undue force in a 2007 arrest as part of a federal claim that named him and other officers. The officers arrested Albert Brown Jr., who authorities say was found with break cocaine during a traffic stop.

Brown, who is black, charges the officers of by force searching him after pulling down his jeans and smashes his head against a car cover, the court case was released him in 2009. A defense attorney denied Brown’s claim.

Bishkin refused to say where Casebolt is now and said he had received death pressure. Moreover, the attorney said she would release more information at a news conference.

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