Coco Austin exhibits ample cleavage and curves in skin tight dress

Coco Austin made sure every eye was on her as she celebrated birthday with hubby

Coco Austin exhibits ample cleavage and curves in skin tight dress

The new mother donned a neon pink skintight Versace dress in leopard print that featured ornate gold print at the bottom. She wore matching lipstick to accentuate her look for the night.

The helm of the dress was above the knees whereas the neckline went extremely low – so much so that the model’s huge breasts risked over exposure. She seemed all ready to take Las Vegas!

The blonde model is widely known for her enticing curves and hot outfits. It was obvious that Coco Austin did not use her bra during the occasion. This was kind of an ultimate wardrobe malfunction right in the making.

However, somehow her big boobs did not burst out of her skin tight dress. Coco Austin was, nevertheless, bent on testing the limits that her outfit had to offer. She simply bent forward and blew a kiss towards the snappers.

The mother of a child completed the look with a lot of pizzazz which included a diamond cuff and shining earrings.The shingled gold boots of the model seemed to be crying for the onlooker’s attention too.

The occasion was actually a celebration of the model’s special day at the SLS hotel in the Vegas. Her husband also joined her for this great event. Ice-T has clearly preferred comfort to style since he was wearing a rather casual dress as he posed with his wife.

Inside the Vegas hotel, Coco Austin celebrated her birthday with the help of an exquisite cake that resembled a shoe and a handbag from some famous designer.

The caption on the cake and the model read:

“Closeup of my cake. It seriously resembled a real Chanel bag and I can’t forget the Louboutin heel cake too!”

Her baby daughter was upstairs being looked after by a babysitter. Coco Austin has named her child after the famous luxury brand, Chanel.

Austin also posed with her daughter on bed. The mirrored ceiling was of great use. So much so that the model declared she would have on like this installed at her own home too.

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