Comparison Between Blogger and WordPress – which one is better?

A comparison between Blogger and WordPress is only fair if it’s between blogger and WordPress not with the Blogger and WordPress both or blog hosting service whereas is a blogging software or precisely a Content Management System (CMS).

Blogger and WordPress

Free Domain & Hosting Comparison:

The best thing about both these platforms is that you can publish your blogs using their free hosting service and free sub-domains. Blogger is owned by Google so if you already have a Gmail or google+ account then you don’t need to get registered for blogger through filling in all your information to post your blogs. Whereas for publishing your posts on WordPress you need to register first. Reading posts and commenting doesn’t require registration unless the blog owner puts such a condition.

Alexa Rank Comparison:

If we see both Blogger and WordPress sites’ ranks on Alexa we will find that WordPress is more popular with the global rank of 34 whereas blogger’s global rank is 69. Both these sites offer you readers without which blogging will be meaningless.

Features and Extensibility:

Most probably there are two main reasons why WordPress is more popular than the blogger, first is the availability of a huge number of free themes which attracts people who intend to make their websites more than blogs and the second is again the reinforcement of the first one that WordPress explicitly offers its users to “create a website” or “start a blog”.

For a blogger, especially the one who is new in it, blogger offers better value. Not all the themes on WordPress are free; in fact most of the pro level themes are not free. Moreover once you want to take a custom domain instead of it charges you for letting you do it whereas blogger charges you nothing in such case.

Monetization Comparison both Platforms:

Both Blogger and WordPress provides monetizing options to earn from your blog. With WordPress one way is to have a paid VIP account and run your own ads (marketing your blog for getting ads personally) and the second is to use the feature WordAds (WordPress will be marketing for getting ads and will share the revenue). You need thousands of visitors a month and a paid non hosted domain to qualify for this option. To earn money with blogger you can use AdSense on your hosted domain and also third-party monetizing options such as viglink, skim-links, etc. Being eligible to apply you need to have at least 6 months old blog, quality content and growing number of visitors, getting AdSense is not an easy task for that purpose you should need to read the 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account.

No doubt both platform are competitive but if you want professional work then WordPress should be your first priority. There are so many things, which are found in both platforms. But we highlighted only few one’s, which are prominent and major categorized.

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