Confined space management: basic skills & safety upgrades

Working in a confined space is something that we should take seriously, at all costs. A lot can go wrong in some of these situations, and being prepared for them is going to help us evade injuring ourselves during our work time. That’s why we’re here to help you out with some of our tips on how to make your work environment that is located in a confined space safer. There are many things you could do in order to achieve this, but we are going to name the most efficient ones.

Build communication with the team

Communication is incredibly important when we’re talking about confined space management. If something goes wrong, it’s important for everyone to be able to communicate all of the information that is necessary in order to avoid a serious injury or worse. It’s pivotal that we build solid team communication between coworkers because it can sometimes be detrimental. Some people would disregard this matter, but it’s something we heavily believe in. If the team that is working in a confined space has great communication skills, chances of misfortunes from happening are going to be significantly lower in comparison to a team that has bad communication skills. That’s why we can’t stress enough how important this factor is to the overall safety of the workforce.

Safety equipment is a must

When we’re talking about the necessary things that every worker should have while they are in a confined space, safety equipment is at the top of the list, and for a good reason too. Safety equipment is there because it really does provide you with that extra layer of security, which you’re might be going to need in an unfortunate situation. Depending on what kind of space you are going to be venturing into, you are going to be using different equipment. We heavily advise that you use everything at your disposal, as it can be the factor that decides whether or not you end up injured during your shift. Never skip on wearing and bringing your safety equipment, we insist!

Conducting regular training

In order to teach someone about all of the things that they need to know when it comes to confined space work, we need to maintain regular confined space training sessions. Whether we’re talking about a new employee or a person who simply wants to learn as much as it can, safety training is going to allow everyone to be at their safest, which is the most important thing, at the end of the day. Conducting regular training sessions is basically free if you are an employer, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to hold this if you already aren’t. You are going to allow all of your employees to be smarter in all of the situations they might find themselves in.

Remove the insubordinate

This is a tip that mainly focuses on team leaders and employers. If you notice that one of your colleagues or employees isn’t following all of the necessary safety protocols or that he isn’t wearing his safety equipment, you should most definitely remove him until he realizes what kind of danger he has brought upon himself. At the end of the day, this is for his own good, and it’s going to allow your team or your business to go on with another day with no injuries. The main goal is for everyone to finish their work without a scratch, and by having everyone understand this is how you’re going to achieve it.

In conclusion, it’s pivotal that everyone is met with all of the safety protocols that confined space work requires. This is a dangerous job, and being as safe as possible should be at the top of the priorities. The work is going to be completed, in one way or another, but you are never going to be able to reverse the damage if something bad happens to someone while they are working, just because they weren’t equipped with all of the necessary skills and gear. Safety should be the number one goal, and you should heavily enforce that mentality if you are a responsible employer.

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