Counter Strike and the Pandemic Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating the world for more than four months. The highly contagious virus has forced governments around the world to establish it indefinitely. Even though many countries’ economies are stagnating, it seems players have some time in their lives as they now have more free time than enjoying their favorite titles.

In this very ambitious world, people are always busy with official work. While COVID-19 has undoubtedly done great harm to mankind, it may simply have been a hidden blessing. The pandemic started again metaphorically until we had all the free time in the world, and even if people can’t play football anymore, they can safely boot up their computer to enjoy a video game they don’t like. play for a long time.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a name that almost all gamers know. It’s not just a name, it defines the childhood of every 90’s kid. But it’s also an all-time racing game. Its sequel, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, remains one of the biggest names in the sport.

However, CSGO faced a ban last year during February on Intel Extreme Masters Katowice fans at ESL Rio Major, which lasted from May to November. The offline event is likely to return soon, and DreamHack has announced that the championship, ESL One Cologne’s latest qualifying event, will be held online from May to June, assuming Cologne is held on time.

Yes, LAN tournaments test players in ways that are not present in this online event. The arena has fan pressure, less button and mouse delay for cleaner and happier play, and immediate adrenaline. The latter is most likely if you sit at home online, but there are no challenges. Easier to deploy, harder to close games, teammates don’t allow smooth communication, and settings are often of lower quality than LAN games.

Last Year in December 2019, Fnatic finished second in the final ten finals just behind the mouse sport they won and won the championship on Sunday. Liquid faced more than one North American team they encountered on the American stage of the 11th season of the Pro League. Both are eligible to win, play, or not.

The world changes. Everything changes. Sports have been suspended in many places worldwide. We need to show compassion and respect for those who have suffered and disappeared as a result of this epidemic. However, we must be grateful that sport, including counter-attacks, can continue. The moment of this sport – the only sporting event in town except Pro Wrestling – means everything. Instead of discussing the importance of offline and online tournaments, we need to focus on making the most of it.

Today, this means supporting organizers, teams, and players who continue to compete in this epidemic. Teams and organizers face financial problems, and a large relocation will ultimately affect many results because there is no revenue from stickers and potential sponsorship. This is not an easy time for anyone, but we need to be frugal.

Leaving prison seems to take people back to childhood and give them one more chance to enjoy classic multiplayer. The Steam directory page in CS 1.6 shows growth. Of the more than 40 percent of the players last month, the number of players seems to have almost doubled compared to the current number in February. The average number of players playing in April 2020 was 17,765, compared to just 12,509 in March. This has also led to an increase in demand for the best headsets and keyboards for csgo

The growing number of players in the game is also not surprising. The game is still a favorite of millions of fans around the world and can be used on most conventional computers, allowing more and more regular players to play it without investing in gaming equipment.

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The gaming community is also very clean, everyone plays for fun without losing others. This is a problem most current leagues have. The lack of toxicity provides a calm environment for players to hone their skills and have fun.

Even though CS 1.6 was first released in 1999, it still has more players than many other modern games. COVID-19 has shown that the game will not end anytime soon. What are your thoughts? Share with us as well.

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