Courtney Stodden is the hurdle in her mother’s Krista Keller ways or not about Sex Tape

People thought that Courtney Stodden mother Krista Keller resigned to be the manager of her daughter because she plans to use her time just to help Reggie who is her loving husband with his Christian website called power sharing in which he inspires others to follow their dreams through faith.

Courtney Stodden is the hurdle in her mother’s Krista Keller ways or not about Sex Tape

According to her she loves her daughter and she loves to be her manager but there are some serious creative differences.

Media tells that she decided to leave the post of her daughter’s menagerie because she comes to know about her plan to sell a solo sex tape for $ 1 million. But the reality is very different from both reasons. Media is thinking this because her daughters reveal that her mother wants to get fame and she was continuously interfering with her ability to manage Courtney according to her.

She was thinking that her daughter is in her way of her popularity. Now she has decided to do the same as the Kim Kardashian did to get her fame. On her birthday krista make a plan to make herself in-front of others or to get shoots offers. On her birthday party she simply strip down her dress on camera and she is sure that she will have many offers to do so and in this way she definitely get her place which she wants.

Courtney Stodden gets her fame after marrying with an old age actor her mother is now in her daughter’s competition. She wants to be like her daughter in the sexually explicit art. So she decided to reveal that she was resigning to be court’s manager saying that she has some creative differences. We know that she is lying. And what is the truth behind this false statement I have already told you.

Courtney’s mom also did meetings with members of porn industry and asked them for her photo shoot and also for her sexy videos without any type of Cortney involvement.

She wants to get her popularity without the involvement of her daughter as she is the big hurdle for her in exposing herself in-front of people. She is not much sexy as her daughter is. Everyone now knows about her plans but she continuously refused to admit these things even her daughter also knows about her reality but she is not accepting.

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