Cynthia Bailey Still Support Peter Thomas After his Video on Instagram

Another couple was dragged in spot light not didn’t go in their favor. As this spot light in not fame or publicity but for the scandal and the shame they are facing. Cynthia Bailey after a lot of drama and fight with her husband is now standing with her husband against all odds. It will be a little bit relief for Peter as they are finally on the same page.

Cynthia Bailey still support Peter Thomas after his video on Instagram

It can be considered inappropriate in some people eye to support your husband after all this video drama. But Cynthia Bailey, though ashamed, is standing by her husband Peter Thomas in these difficult times.

Everybody knows the story of Peter, incriminating video of him getting too close with another woman striking every social media site on Tuesday, June 16. Cynthia Bailey told to media that her marriage is not impeccable and they are going to deal with this problem as husband and wife. Maximum marriages go over their part of trials, and ups and downs.

Peter and I are just like those couples but we can go through it with no exception. Cynthia felt the video was unfortunate and awkward incident in her life and she expect from him to take full responsibility for his actions.

Seeing the video go viral, the video is initially obtained by the ShadeRoom, Thomas is seen grazing another woman’s cheek and speaking carefully with her at his bar which was clear in the video, and can be easily recognized as the Bar One in Atlanta. In the short clip they were first close and then start kissing which gave a look at the social media that Thomas is unfaithful.

The video after upload on Instagram spread like fire giving the impression of him as a big ass cheater; this was said earlier in the press release by Thomas in his own Instagram video on Tuesday that he has since deleted.

Cynthia Bailey remarks on this video were very clear as she say:
“ This video make me sad and I’m going to need him to be a little more cautious with who he’s kissing on or watching like he’s pecking, mentioning to how in the video Thomas’ hand also remains a while on the undisclosed woman’s chest.”

Fans are digesting this video as they are well aware; this isn’t the first time the reality star declined the fact of Thomas being disloyal.

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