Samsung Galaxy Mobiles Exposed to hackers

The recent events made more than 600 million Samsung smartphones defenseless to any data hacker. With the advancement of technology comes a great risk for software companies and mobile apps that can be exposed and liable to any threat.

Samsung Galaxy Mobiles Exposed to hackers

That’s why leading mobile companies are spending fortune on the security of mobile phone apps and network. Samsung recently become vulnerable to such kind of possibilities. Thousands of customers of Samsung Galaxy smart phone models S4 through S6 are possibly susceptible to a computer bug that researchers revealed at the Black Hat Conference in London on Tuesday.

Mainly the fault was discovered by Ryan Welton who is a researcher at the cyber security firm Now Secure. He mentions that there is a problem that let attackers inflict havoc on Samsung mobile device models.

This will be a major concern for the Samsung as it can give a hacker secret access over a phone’s microphone and camera, right of entry to text messages, and the capacity to download unwanted apps, among other things.

The problem ascends from a flaw in the software updater for Samsung’s defaulting virtual keyboard, a modified version of the word-prediction technology which was running smoothly developed by Swift Key.

Problem is when a device downloads it triggers a language pack update, any minor user or mid-level connector can attack and can swap out the real file with malware, thus compromising the device.

This will become a great concern for Samsung as the problems with the phones’ updater procedure subsidize to the severity of the defenselessness. Primarily the Swift Key does not encode those keyboard update files, a flaw that hackers can use to install malevolent files on a person’s device.

Secondly the Samsung allows those updates with preeminent authorizations, letting attackers to evade the phone’s security controls and interfere with all sorts of data and code running on a device.

The leading mobile company Samsung released a statement speaking about the bug:

“The situation is fully addressed and we are aware of the current problem report by numerous media channels. The company is dedicated to giving the latest mobile security. We came up with a solution known as Samsung KNOX, the company’s mobile security solution that has the competence to update the security policy of the phones.

For now, Now Secure endorses that users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones affected by the bug a list of the susceptible models, so avoid insecure WiFi networks and use a diverse mobile device.

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