Daily Workout Routine for Ladies—Do This to Get the Best Results

Every woman should strive to become fitter, if not for the aesthetic aspect of it, then for the health aspect of it. A daily workout routine and a few other healthy habits can make you look amazing, feel healthy and be strong. But, what exactly should you do in order to get the best fitness results? Here’s a little guide that will make things really simple.

Daily Workout Routine for Ladies—Do This to Get the Best Results

Cardio is your path to weight loss

If your biggest problem is weight and you wish to shed some extra pounds you’ve collected over the years, your best solution is cardio. Cardiovascular exercises boost your metabolism, help you burn calories, improve your circulation and keep your heart healthy. Plus, they will boost your endurance, which means you won’t get winded anymore when you need to run for the bus or hit the fifth floor of your office. Additionally, cardio is very approachable and it involves many different workouts from jogging to elliptical. Even some typical strength exercises like kettlebell swings can be turned into a cardio activity if you lower the weight and increase the number of reps. No matter what workout you choose, make sure to keep your heart rate high throughout your workout (a good starting point is to aim somewhere between 120 and 150 BPMs and keep it there for 45 and 60 minutes).

Hit a HIIT workout

If you don’t have time for hour-long runs, you can do something short yet super effective. High-Intensity Interval Training will kick you behind in its short 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll get to burn a ton of calories. However, the biggest advantage of HIIT is the afterburn that can last for hours after your workout. Just like with regular cardio, keep your heart rate high and make sure to boost the intensity to 100% (if your HIIT workout is easy, you’re not doing it right).

Strength training is crucial

If you don’t even go near the weights at the gym, you’re making a huge mistake. No, you’ll not get buff unless you lift crazy weights, keep your diet full of protein and hit the gym two times a day, so don’t worry about that. In fact, lifting weights is great for all ladies that want to get firms bodies, lean muscles, and better figure. Plus, weight training also has amazing health benefits from boosting your metabolism to making your bones stronger. If you want to incorporate some strength training into your workout routine, start by working your major muscles two times a week. You can also consider some supplementation to make your sessions more effective. If you don’t know anything about supplements, you can find great supplement ideas here: bulknutrients.co.nz, and choose anything from fat burners to protein treats and endurance boosters. Your supplements will provide you with a great surge of energy that will make your workouts powerful and effective.

Practice active recovery

Recovery is crucial for good results, especially if you want to build some muscles, so make sure to rest. However, while watching Netflix and chilling counts as recovery, you can also engage in light physical activity like taking a walk, going for a swim or trying restorative yoga. This will get your body moving and just make you feel better overall.

Diet is the key to fitness results

Experts say that you build your dream body in the kitchen, not at the gym and there’s some truth to it. If you want to lose weight or gain lean muscle, you need to watch your diet. If you can control your urges well, you don’t have to change your lifestyle drastically (just make your portions smaller and stay away from too many sweets) but if you can’t resist temptations, you might consider counting calories. It’s much easier than you think, especially if you have a handy app for calorie tracking.

Have fun

Don’t let your weight loss consume you! While getting the body of your dreams takes focus and dedication, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoying your life and having fun on your journey is very important for your mental health, so stay healthy.

If you kick up your workouts yet keep your diet clean and healthy, you’re bound to notice excellent results. Stay dedicated, celebrate your every milestone and your fitness journey will even be super fun and fulfilling!

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