Daisy Lowe flashes bikini line tattoo in Miami

Daisy Lowe had been hiding some pretty good things about herself until now. First of all it was her talent for dancing which (thankfully) was revealed with the help of the hit show ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ However, the most enticing thing about her which remained hidden from public eye was the bikini line tattoo.

Daisy Lowe bikini line tattoo

Bikini line tattoo

The young starlet flashed the bikini line tattoo in a sheer swimsuit on Wednesday. The dress not only revealed the coveted tattoo, it showed much more than that.

Daisy Lowe tattoo bikini swimwear

The young daughter of Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe excited a whole lot of men when she came out of the blue Miami waters in a one piece dress.

Daisy Lowe bikini in Miami

Toned abs and slender midriff

She also showed her highly toned abs and her slender midriff in the silver piece that featured beautiful halterneck straps.

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The swimsuit was rather high on her hips as it highlighted her ample cleavage and allowed the youngster to flaunt her assets as best as she could.

Classy Dress

A glimpse of her hip tattoo was also seen at the bikini line. Apparently, it featured a design containing a heart and banner. The criss-crossing lace up straps accentuated her pert derriere and accentuated the look of the classy dress from the back.

Daisy Lowe Miami Bikini

Daisy had chosen to wear her locks in a fringed design. Very little trace of makeup was available on her face which means that she had not subjected her visage to lots of it.

She had selected a set of very delicate gold chains as accessories. Adding a pair of shades completed the classy outfit.

Daisy Lowe Bikini Tattoo

Super svelte physique

Daisy Lowe has a super svelte physique thanks to her very active lifestyle. In an interview with a famous newspaper, Daisy has stated that she had lost inches from her body while she was on the show ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’

During the interview, she also said that her breast and bum haven’t lost any of the fat but other parts of her body including the arms and the legs had become much toned since they had constantly been in use.

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