Debugging Program Will Make Windows Phones Worthwhile

According to the recent sources, the Windows phones are going to take a good place in market because of the latest debugging program. This is now available in the market for the use of common people. Here, we are going to tell you about the details of this news. Debugging program will make Windows phones worthwhile.

Microsoft debug policy leak could make Windows Phones useful again

Debugging Program Will Make Windows Phones Worthwhile:

Microsoft is playing for its smart phones now. This is because of the reason that the company has leaked a debug policy which will probably make Windows phones worthwhile. This debug policy was first produced in order to make an internal work around. In addition to that, it was created solely for the developers who were working for the company only. The facility was limited to the developers of in-house. But, the Microsoft’s CEO is trying to rebuild Microsoft seriously.

This debug was installed by the two researchers of Microsoft as they install this debug into the firmware. This debug worked up to the mark. In addition to that, the debug literally disable the boot manager and it immediately switched off the checks of all the signatures. As a result of which, non-windows OS were permitted to installed in the devices of Microsoft. The company has been focussing in providing solutions in the previous time. As we know that the Microsoft beta helps troubleshoot windows 10.

There is another issue in the implementation of this debugging program which will make Windows phones worthwhile. This issue will allow the hackers to hack your systems. This is because of the reason that they would be able to snoop in your systems very easily. There are many blunders made by Microsoft in the operating systems of their smart phones.

We can also assume now that this debugging program will now allow all the non-windows users to flash a smart phone which is not based on windows operating system to a windows phone. That is why it is going to be a threat for all the users. This is because now hackers will find it easy to hack the system just by using this debugging program.

This issue is considered as exactly the same as with Apple. The company Apple said that the technology is not confined to usage. The technology can be used over and over again in all the devices. The company needs to be careful in the subject.


Debugging program will make Windows phones worthwhile. But, here, we need to think that is it really this much easy to unlock all the problems in the windows phones. On the other hand, this may come out to be a really cheap marketing trick in order to make their smart phones share high in the market.

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