Demi Lovato Planning to Get Engaged Soon

The young singer Demi Lovato says that there is the right time for everything.

Demi Lovato planning to get engaged soon

At present, the singer may not display an engagement ring on her fingers but one will soon adorn Demi Lovato’s hands in the near future. Lovato recently set aside the rumors that she was already engaged to Wilmer Valderrama who is her long time boyfriend. This happened during an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show On Wednesday.

The host of the show had asked her about the rumors surrounding her and the Valderrama. Lovato had replied that there was no ring on her fingers. She would like to have one but there was right time for everything.

The actress – singer has dated Wilmer Valderrama for around five years. Lovato thinks it is the beginning of a very long journey. She stated that there is right time for everything and obviously both she and her boyfriend were not going anywhere.

The happy couple had made no attempts to hide their relationship. Their selfies together and gushy messages to each other are regularly posted on the social media.

They met six years ago and became friends at first falling head over heals for each other despite the wide age difference between the pair.

Demi Lovato also talked about the image that is portrayed by a healthy body. The discussion was obviously pegged to her photographs for Vanity Fair last October in which she had posed completely nude and free of make-up.

Demi Lovato also said that when she was growing up, thin people were regarded as very attractive and cool but when Kim Kardashian came to the scene, curves became associated with beauty. Lovato still credits Kardashian for allowing her to come to terms with her own body.

Looking at Kim Kardashian made her proud of her own body and its feminine curves. It made her confident enough to agree to the Vanity Fair photo shoot.This was not the first time Lovato has praised Kim Kardashian. She had also acknowledged the reality star during an interview with ‘Access Hollywood.’

Demi Lovato thinks that women like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have completely changed the perception of beauty for the new generation. Demi Lovato’s fifth album ‘Confident’ hit the market on October 16, 2015. Fans of Demi Lovato songs have given it generally positive reviews.

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