How Technology Has Improved Modern Dental Procedures

Dental technology, Dental health technology ! When you used to go to the dentist, you probably had your teeth cleaned with a simple brush, rinsing with a cup of water after the cleaning was completed. Technology has made it possible for everything in the dental office to get done faster and in a thorough manner without as much of the pain being involved.

Dental technology

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Everything from teeth whitening to fillings can now be done in a safe way that doesn’t involve as many tools, making you more comfortable while in the office.

Faster Results

At one time, you had to get molds and images made of the mouth before any kind of treatment could be performed in the way of crowns or with broken teeth. The process usually took weeks to complete, and you had to deal with a missing or broken tooth while waiting. The dentist can use 3D images to look at the mouth and the way the teeth are arranged to get the best results in a short time. Most of the images that are taken are seen on the computer screen shortly after they are taken. Images are sent to labs and other offices almost immediately. The process takes off a significant amount of time, giving you the smile that you desire in no time.

Using Lasers

From whitening to tooth pain, lasers are now used with most procedures when you visit the dentist. Lasers are safer when it comes to whitening the teeth as harsh chemicals aren’t used that are found in gels. There are lasers that produce a wavelength across the teeth to work with all of the tissues in the mouth. The laser will prevent needles from being used in the mouth while still giving a pain-free dental experience. In some dental offices, like Crest Hill Family Dental, they are also used to replace drills and perform various dental procedures with a laser.

Seeing What The Dentist Sees

If you’ve ever wondered what the dentist sees when looking in your mouth, technology has made it easy to see the details. Computer programs and cameras give you an opportunity to see the inside of the mouth in real-time, looking at all of the issues that are present that the dentist is concerned about. This gives you a way to understand better what needs to be done to improve the health of the teeth and to see what you’re doing right.

Technology has entered the dental office in a way that makes each visit a bit more comfortable. You’ll find that visits don’t take as long, and the procedures that used to take weeks to complete only take days or even hours depending on what’s done. The use of technology gives patients a way to take care of the teeth without worrying as much about pain and the overall experience of being in the dental chair.

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