Digital Marketing Trends that you should not miss in 2024

Social media content is one of the prominent ranking factors that a search engine considers. Google rankings doesn’t depend on website content alone rather it depends on the shared content on all social media platforms. In other terms, engaging social media content is represented as social media SEO. As there are paradigm shifts in the changes in ranking factors and the growth in the number of factors, businesses need to keep pace with them to be ranked high.

Social Media Content Trends for 2020

Before going to know how to engage the social media content, create pages relevant to your business across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Make sure that the profile photo and cover photo must be appealing to the page visitors. And update these two images regularly to make the page fresh all the time. Besides, give a relevant and effective description of your business.

1. Know your business and your audience:

First things first. It is fundamental in producing the relevant and required content for any business. Because it never matters how much original or unique content you have until and unless you don’t know the targeted customer’s demands. Understand and correlate your business requirements so that you can give the exact and engaging content to the customers.

2. Produce diversified content:

Content should be not always in text form. Creating the quality content is not enough but how to make the best use of it is the prime. You can produce it in the form of infographics, long-form content which is unfolded by subscribing, images, etc. This type of content attracts the audience than regular content with long paragraphs. Use pictures with call-to-action text for lead generation. This way, you can create more user engagement for your business.

3. Less word count grabs more attention

Undoubtedly, the quality of the post is the key driver for more engaging content but the content with less text makes wonders in engaging the customers. Since all may don’t have time to go through the long paragraphs. After all, social media platforms are made for relevant and straight forward content. Use keywords as hashtags and tag URLs to the keywords so that you can get more traffic that leads to more engagement.

4. Start a conversation

Start a conversation with the followers through polls or ask questions on what they are looking into your service or product. It makes the audience to participate in it and increases user engagement of your page. This conversation reveals their interests, demands, and requirements for a service or product and based on that you can improve your business too.

5. Be social with current affairs

Starting a discussion about the current affairs around the world on all social media platforms will make you more social and less business-oriented. It gives a positive impact on you and your business.

6. Short video teasers:

Teasers are the new social media marketing strategy that every business should follow. Produce high-quality short video teasers related to your services and products. A short video with a short description is enough to engage the content on social media. If the video appeals to any viewer, you won’t have the idea of how it goes viral within the less span through shares. Visuals with curated content have the power that makes a short sentence a sensation. A short video with a short description is enough to engage the content on social media.

7. Social links:

With all the social media strategies, you will get backlinks which are the prominent and potential ranking factor that boosts SERP.

8. Make viral of UGC.

The user-generated content (UGC) gives psychological nudges to the audience. Include the UGC in your posts and improve your reputation. This is another way of getting a high rank through engaging social media content.

9. All-around connectivity:

Retweeting and responsiveness to the audience feedback is another way to engage the content on social media. Continuous communication gives you continuous user engagement.

These are the ways that are adopted by most Digital Marketing agencies eating engaging content on social media platforms. Engaging content increases the volume of the number of shares, likes, and followers. It is enough for search engines to recognize you as valid business and boost your site ranking. It is more than enough in nurturing the followers and make them loyal customers for your business.


To sum up, engaging social media content boosts the ranking of your website. The traffic, engagement, and ranking follow you as long as you adopt and follow the above strategies in creating engaging content on all social media platforms. 

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