DMX Found Dead in a Hotel Parking Due to Drug Overdose

The rapper DMX was found unconscious beside a BMW.

DMX found dead in a hotel parking due to drug overdose

Famous rapper DMX would have been dead on Monday night if not for the cops who arrived in time and saved his life.

The 45 year old singer was found unconscious besides a white BMW due to an overdose of drugs in Yonkers. As soon as he collapsed in the parking lot of a hotel, the rapper stopped breathing.

The time was around 6:20 p.m. His body had no pulse. He may have been found dead later if the four cops hadn’t given him CPR, and hadn’t injected him with Narcan.

According to the police sources, Narcan is an anti-opioid which is used to reverse the bad effects of an overdose of heroine.

The police source also revealed that a person, who was present at the scene where DMX had collapsed, told that the rapper had inhaled a powder before falling down. DMX became semi-conscious and was taken to a nearby hospital in a hurry.

A spokesman for the police said that the cops had done a terrific job and saved his life. A representative for DMX, however, claimed that the celebrity had suffered an asthma attack.

Another source familiar with the rapper refuted the claim and blamed the rep of trying to cover up for the rapper by saying that it was an asthma attack since they don’t want the public to know it was an overdose of drugs.

There were no drugs found at the scene where DMX was almost dead. There were no criminal charges. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was taken in custody in October when he had failed to pay 10,000 dollars a month in terms of child support.

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