Dylann Roof Arrest Video Shows Arresting Officer Unique Expressions

If you remember not long ago an incident came into the attention of media in which Shelby, N.C. patrolman Dan Bernat had struck his handcuffs on supposed Charleston church killer Dylann Roof that officers were able to show their assistance. The source says the first congratulatory fist bump is in fact emanated 45 seconds after Roof was in cuffs.

Dylann Roof arrest video shows arresting officer unique expressions

Roof actually is a 21-year-old avowed white supremacist and the case had been on the national news and the focus of an extreme manhunt as nine people were shot inside a Charleston S.C. significant black church the night before. Considering the Shelby for a rural town of 20,000 in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains for fastening Roof was a big catch.

Showing the facts last Tuesday the Shelby Police Department showed patrol car dashcam video of the arrest. This was considered to be an important factor in this case. Though the traffic stop and capture of Roof are objectively uneventful but the on seen officers’ responses are anything . They show off big smiles after Roof was in cuffs and the danger of risk had handed.

The police chief told media:

“You could tell they were all happy to apprehend this guy and get him off the street. I can understand them being excited.”

Debbie Dills who lives close was going to work in nearby Kings Mountain, N.C. late Thursday morning. At that time she claimed that she first saw a car she supposed to be Roof’s traveling westbound on U.S. 74 toward Shelby. In confirming it she called her boss to be certain. The incident take turn as the boss got on the phone with local police to define what she saw. When the license plate accorded Shelby officers were put on alert.

The scene was described by the eyewitness as:

We see that Roof rudely moved over to the right lane in forward-facing of a traveling vehicle after they dragged onto the highway. Bernat ordered the driver to gradually turn the car and asked him to follow regular procedure as step out and put his hands on the roof.

As the roof locked away in the back of the patrol car so the officers in progress to safe the area so that the getaway car could be examined for evidence. As they also enjoyed the moment in replacing more fist bumps, smiles and a round of high-fives before Roof was engaged to police headquarters.

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