Weight Loss Alert: 7 Effective Ways to Control Obesity

Effective Ways to Control Obesity

From enhancing lifestyle to making us more independent and driving innovation, a human is thankful for technology in a lot many ways.  Technology—no wonder—has made life smooth, but also a host of many diseases and medical conditions. Out of all the life-threatening diseases, one such is obesity, a condition characterized by excessive body fat that increases the risk of many health problems.

Effective Ways to Control Obesity

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More than physical, it [obesity] creates an emotional impact on the person’s mental health, which at times results in depression. However, by taking necessary precautions, one can control this disease and live a healthy life.  So, here are some of the ways through which you can control obesity.

1) Collaborate with a nutritionist

Have you always struggled with weight loss? Maybe, you’re not getting the right amount of nutrients or have this habit of eating the right food at the wrong time. That’s when a nutritionist/dietician comes to rescue as they help you eat wholesomely and that too in the best way. They can help in creating a plan, ensuring you get all the minerals and vitamins without compromising on weight loss.

2) Get a personal trainer

If you want instant and desired results, then it will be better to hire a personal trainer, who can help in developing individualized programs to lose weight and get in shape. From assisting you to reach your weight goal to figure out a safe posture of your exercise, a personal trainer helps in maintaining overall well-being. In case of any medical history, a knowledgeable trainer can help in designing a perfect program, while ensuring a safe experience.

3) Treat any medical condition causing obesity

There are rare chances that some medical or genetic conditions might be the reason behind obesity. To rule out any such possibility, discuss your health and family history with your doctor regarding weight concerns. Talk to your doctor about getting some tests done if you have a family history or medical condition, such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

4) Eat fewer calories

The ideal mantra of safely and effectively reducing weight is that you should burn more than you eat. Daily, a woman needs to consume 1200 t0 1500 calories, and man can consume 1,500 to 1,800 calories. To devour the exact amount of calories, don’t end up making a diet plan on your own. Instead, consult a nutritionist as they can help with determining how many calories per day you should try to eat, provide assistance in choosing food with higher density, and still limit your calories.

5) Replace bad fats in your diet with good fats

The first prerequisite of any healthy diet is to replace bad fat (also known as saturated fats), in the form of red meat, butter, lard, shortening, and bacon, with good fat. The reason why you should avoid consuming bad fat is that it is solid at room temperature and may increase the cholesterol level in your bloodstream. So it will be ideal to limit this in your diet as much as possible. If you like non-vegetarian food, switch red meat with poultry and fish. Moreover, consider indulging in unsalted nuts, seeds, soy, and beans.

6) Pay attention to your clothes

Is your favorite pair of jeans getting uncomfortable around the waist? Then there are chances that visceral fat has started storing around your abdominal, which is mainly the reason for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. This is also the sign that you should get rid of that unnecessary fat.

It might sound a little depressing as the stigma around obesity can create a lot of stress, but this is the time for you to up your game. Put your best foot forward and make yourself feel good by dressing up in a stylish and edgy plus-size dress. If you’re fond of DIY, then customize your wear by adding some vibrant color and stylish cut.

7) Keep on exercising to burn extra calories

Exercising is going to be the hard part of your weight loss journey, but it is going to be worth all the effort.  Start your workout schedule with a 10-minute walk each day. With every passing week, you can increase the duration by 5 minutes; eventually, make it a 30-minute per day by the end of the month. If you love grooving on those jazzy beats, then put on your dancing shoes and start with 150 minutes of Zumba exercise each week. But before that, consult your doctor for your exercise regime, especially if you’re over age 40. Apart from exercising, you can make some minor tweaks in your daily life by using stairs instead of an elevator, walking the extra mile instead of driving, doing some moderate exercises, such as crunches and squats while watching TV, etc.

Lifestyle, diet, or maybe medical condition, there are several possible contributors to obesity. The good news is that amongst these, one can influence two of the biggest ones-diet and activity. Following all the mentioned above tips can not only help you to lose weight but also enjoy a lot many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Although it can be challenging at times, the journey is worth taking.

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