EuroMillions vs. EuroJackpot: Which is Better?

Euro lottery is synonymous with both of these games. You would identify better with either depending on where you live. Although both these games offer you huge prize money, they are starkly different in several ways.

EuroMillions vs. EuroJackpot

Play online at Lottoland. With a wide selection of safe and secure online lotteries, the website is your gateway to a future full of possibilities. Both the games offer lucrative jackpot and have astronomical odds at winning. What if you were to place them against each other?

Is there truly one game that is better than the other? Read on to find out.

Let’s take a look at how.

How Are They Similar?

Both the lottos involve a standard format, guess the numbers accurately to hit the jackpot.

The only difference id EuroJackpot balls are numbered from 1 through 10 while

Euro Millions ranges from one through twelve.

The ticket prices are only about 50 cents apart.

How Are They Different?

Prize Money: EuroMillions jackpot stands at a towering 190 million Euros while EuroJackpot stands at 90 Million Euros.

The minimum guaranteed win is at 15 million Euros for EuroMillions while 10 Million Euros for EuroJackpot.

Odds at winning: Your probability of winning the EuroMillions is 1 in 139,838,160 while the odds at EuroJackpot is slightly better standing at 1 in 95,344,200.

However, the odds of winning a prize is higher in EuroMillions with 1 in 13 while EuroJackpot is 1 in 26

Prizes: EuroMillions has a dedicated prize for matching two main numbers while EuroJackpot awards prize only when 2 main numbers and 1 Euro number match the winning combination.

EuroMillions has thirteen tiers in total. EuroJackpot’s starting prize is at seventeen million Euro and towers to a mammoth figure like 190 million.

Another interesting fact is that EuroMillions holds special draws during specific times of the year like festivals and special occasions. The prize pool is filled with an extra 100 or 130 million Euro.

Draw times: EuroMillions holds its draw every Tuesday and Friday while EuroJackpot players can see if luck has favored them on every Friday.

Participants: Nine countries participate in EuroMillions while 16 countries play the EuroJackpot. Spain is the only country that participates in both.

Age: EuroMillions is more tenured than EuroJackpot.

EuroMillions was founded on 13th February 2005. EuroJackpot was introduced in 2012.E uroMillions built up a solid brand and garnered the attention of serious lottery betters.

When EuroJackpot was introduced, it had to compete with EuroMillions and the mammoth jackpot. Eventually, it grew to become a favourite since it allows 17 nations to participate and has an audience of close of 270 million.


EuroJackpot produces fewer winners with greater prize money, but EuroMillions produces more winners with more winners. You also have to share your jackpot or prize with other players.

So even if the prize amount is smaller in EuroJackpot, you don’t have to share it with others.

Chances of winning smaller amounts frequently are higher.

Each of these games has its advantages and misgivings.

Weigh your odds carefully and make an informed choice about choosing the right game to participate.

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