Europe No Longer a Safe Place – Die Welt

Violence is rampant and there is no one who can control it.

Europe No Longer a Safe Place - Die Welt

European countries are not safe anymore. And they are doing nothing about it, reported one of Germany’s leading newspapers, Die Welt

The newspaper further alleged that the civil society in Europe was becoming a closed community that was unable to comprehend or control the rising violence. This was printed in the Sunday issue of the daily newspaper.

It further said: “The days when you could travel anywhere in Germany without fear are gone now,” Fuhr noted, pointing to the general atmosphere of fear that was engulfing the German nation.

The write, Eckhard Fuhr Die Welt, further said that Europe will either become a great empire or it will fall apart. Either way, there is going to be a lot of bloodshed in the continent.

Alleging that Europe was unable to deal with the rising wave of violence, Die Welt wrote that the European society which is the most liberal in the entire world was turning into a close community which cannot control the violence within itself.

What appalled the write most was the inability of the civil society to respond to the New Year Eve’s violence in Cologne, in an appropriate manner. He was also disgusted by the failure of German men to protect and defend their women from sexual violence perpetrated by migrants.

The newspaper has reported that the politicians and the police in Cologne are afraid to talk about crimes committed by migrants, especially North Africans. It is effectively taken on a form of a state secret. The newspaper also reported that immigrant crime was high in some areas for the past several years but none of the politicians had even talked about it.

Cologne experienced the worst kind of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve. The incident results in filing of more than six hundred criminal complaints.

Last week, the interior Committee of the regional parliament deliberated about the attacks in Cologne for the very first time Lothar Hegemann, one of the veteran MPs regarded it as a turning point. He said that it was the first time in years that one was able to talk freely about migrant crimes without being labeled a liar.’

Die Welt stated that a conspiracy of silence allowed the crime wave not to be discovered by anyone. He was, however, glad that the conspiracy had now ended.

It was reported last week that the assaults in Cologne has almost exclusively been carried out by migrant who tore the clothes from the bodies of German women and taped them.

The MP had also tried to debate immigrant violence but almost every party including Greens, the Social democrats and the Pirate party scoffed at the idea. Now the same parties had warned that a recently arrived group of migrants from Algeria and Morocco could become very problematic.

This week, a newspaper in London reported that one of Germany’s most renowned feminists had also criticized the silence over Cologne attacks. Alice Schwarzer said that people knew about this problem, but they chose to remain quiet.

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