Apraxia, Speech Disorder Can Cause Brain Disease

Apraxia, speech disorder as well identified a speech disease in which the patient has felt troubled in pronouncing the words which he/she wants to say properly and constantly. Apraxia a neurological disorder is not because of the feebleness or paralysis of the speech muscles which basis on the lips, face and tongue muscles.

Apraxia of Speech disorder can cause brain disease

According to study, apraxia, speech disorder which can be a big reason of brain disease, in this syndrome in which with speech programming, can produces the neurodegenerative disease it’s a situation that distresses neurons in the human brain.

Apraxia, speech disorder can also be a reason of neurologic disorder, which can be severely affected by using the limbs, eye movement and walking and falling and not only this but with the passage of time it can be proven as worst as possible.

Types of speech Apraxia:

Acquired apraxia of speech: Acquired speech disorder called apraxia can suffering a person at any age, usually it’s mostly affected in grown person and the source of happening is tumor, head injury, stroke and other disturbing the brain disorder.

Developmental apraxia of speech: This happens due to the weakness of muscles upsetting speech making complications triggered by injury to the nervous system.

Some patients ultimately come to be voiceless from initially advanced apraxia of speech. If we observe those patient we can see the symptoms just slow speech rate, sometimes they speak clearly but not all the time, weakened rhythm of speech, improved automatic speech, like greetings, related with persistent speech, the study bring about this syndrome.

Conferring to the statement of Keith Josephs, a neurologist, “For the reason that it’s hard not only for patients beside this several medical experts don’t identify apraxia of speech, treatment normally is pursued in advanced stages of the disease”.

The patient can take proper therapy, if they diagnose it accurately and also at early stage. Dr. Duffy says, “It would be good if people recognized that changes in speech can be the first signs of neurologic disease”. Moreover, he stated the main thing of treatment of this disorder is providing facts about the situation.”

As study proves speech is a multifaceted brain-body accomplishment. It first needs a choice of proper words, forming them into a comprehensible message. This message triggers 100 muscles among the lungs and lips to form almost 14 dissimilar sounds per second that can be grasped by a listener. In fact, apraxia is an issue with speech programming to guiding the muscles and structures that change.

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