Kim Kardashian Rolls Around in a Bed of Roses on Valentine’s Day

The reality star frolics on music and flashes her bum at the viewers.

Kim Kardashian rolls around in a bed of Roses on Valentine 2016

Kim Kardashian spent the Valentine’s Day 2016 with husband Kanye West; however, she was also considerate enough to invite her fans to join in, by sharing a racy video over the weekend.

Fans of the famous celebrity were shocked as well as delighted when Kim posted a clip in which she could be seen rolling in a bed of roses. Towards the end of the clip, the star Kim Kardashian, flashes her bum in a very subtle manner. She was wearing see-through black tights.

Kim plays about on the sound of music and seductively holding up each rose before the camera. The music playing in the background is ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ by Nina Simone. A lyric in the song says: ‘Man I can understand how it might be kinda hard to love a girl like me.’

The video makes the viewer think what Kim actually wants to say in the video. The reality show star was spotted when she was on an outing with her young look-alike daughter North. The kid was looking quite adorable wearing a big fur jacket featuring Leopard prints. Her mother was wearing same prints in white color.

Recently turned blonde Kim displayed her new look. Her hair was covered in a cap while her post-baby physique was seen in tight fitting black outfit. North was smiling as she paced beside her mother. Her stylish ensemble was completed by a pair of tiny jeans and boots.

Shortly after, Kim Kardashian joined her husband Kanye West so that they could celebrate Valentine’s Day together. She also shared a selfie of the couple from the inside.

The picture was captioned: ‘My Valentine.’

There is another reason for celebration since Kanye successfully launched his new album which was a big hit with delighted fans. All this comes only days after the famous celebrity took New York by storm when she was photographed in another fur coat. Kim chose to cover her enticing curves in a black outfit as she was enjoying a shopping trip.

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