Explainer Videos: Things One Must Know before Hiring a Production House

The new trend which has begun now is ‘Explainer Videos’. One can watch these videos on media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others. Explainer videos are usually short online marketing videos that use an actor or animations to endorse a product or service. These videos are highly creative, content-driven, short, and they have a very strong storyline because they need to have an impact on the viewer and inculcate his interest or liking about the service. These videos are created to excite the viewer so that he anticipates the product.

Explainer Videos

If you are from Delhi and want to hire the best production house in Delhi to make an explainer video, here are some aspects you need to consider first.

· Check if the production company fits your requirements

Once you just go through the company’s portfolio and analyze their previous work or assignments to confirm whether or not they will fulfil your requirements. The past projects help us to choose the best production company. It shows us the real determination of their team and the quality of work we can expect from them. You can also discuss with them the script, storyline, voiceover, animation or your other demands and expectations.

· Cross check the Budget required

The budget is the main source of making any video or starting a project. If the video type that you expect is over budget, don’t go for cheap video quality or compromise on an average script but look for alternatives. You can find production houses in Delhi who provide predefined animations and designs for a reasonable rate. Before assigning the work to them, sit and discuss your spending limits.

· Voice over in the video

Voice overs are vital in explainer videos to amplify the style of that video to a wide array of people because these add-ons are associated with brand connectivity through the emotions.

Every so often opting for a voiceover in a short film or description video becomes a significant part of the story and cannot be undermined. Voice overs are great when creating an impact on audiences’ hearts. So, you must ask the production company to give a voiceover to your video as well.

· Scripting in the video

The best explainer video is made with strong storytelling, and it is dependent on strong scriptwriting. If your storyline is weak, then the video faces the same fate. Your script must have a connection between the story and the product.

Before finalizing any script idea, ask the film production houses in Delhi to send some sample scripts produced by them in the past. You can also ask the media house to create 2 to 3 scripts so that you can have a choice while finalizing a story.

· Video editing

After a video is shot, it needs editing to make it a compact and tight short video. Some production houses are not involved in editing, so when selecting a media company to select the one that offers pre as well as post-production work.

These are some important aspects that you must consider while hiring a production house to make your explainer video.

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