Add X-factor to Your Portfolio to Gain Long-Term IT Contracts

Long-term IT contracts are significant for the success of any software development company or the software services’ company. The revenue of the software development company or the software services’ company is derived from the clients. And, therefore, the main objective of any business is to boost the number of clients. Thus, the IT companies try their level best to increase the number of clients that they have on a constant basis.

But, it is not just about increasing the number of clients. It is about gaining long-term clients that will stay with the company for a long period of time. Thus, the software development company or the software services’ company should always focus on catching the attention of long-term clients. One of the best ways to attract the long-term clients is by making a superbly attractive portfolio.

Here’re some tips to create a fantastic sales deck or a portfolio:

  • Your portfolio should contain the glimpse of what you had offered in the past

The portfolio of your startup should ideally contain the products or the services that you offered to other clients. It should give a good glimpse of the capabilities of your company. This way, you would be able to exhibit your capabilities and quality to your prospective client. However, in order to make the portfolio attractive, you should add required visuals and graphics to represent your company’s features.

  • Add all that you offer

You should add everything that you offer to the company in the sales deck or the portfolio. It should contain each and every service or the product that your company is capable of offering. However, make sure you keep the portfolio brief and catchy. Don’t make it look cumbersome or full of content. Rather, add only the valuable information, but in a crisp and neat manner. Also, you may want to add the price elements as well. Though, it depends on what kind meeting you are going to attend.

  • Include special elements

In order to make your portfolio attractive, you need to add some special elements to the portfolio or the sales deck. The portfolio or the sales deck should be unique. It should not look similar to the competitor’s decks. Additionally, you should definitely plan to add something more personalized to the deck or the portfolio. The portfolio should be able to exhibit the values of your company as well as the capabilities that the company has. You may want to add a brief history or the background of your company.

Portfolios, company presentations or the sales decks are very significant for any business. These are some of the documents that are required to showcase what the company is capable of offering. But, at the end of the day, what matters the most is that how different, interesting and engaging your portfolio is. But, most importantly, you should focus on making the portfolio or the sales deck very engaging and catchy, you may like to add graphics and reports to the portfolio as well.

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