When the hills come calling visit Darjeeling

India is not only a place of cultural diversity but of geographical diversity as well. From seas to hills to plateaus to towering mountains, there is almost nothing that you will not find here. No wonder, people from across the world come to tour through India! So, are you thinking about planning to visit a nice and beautiful hill station in the country?

visit Darjeeling

Well, to begin with, you will be spoilt for choices, no doubt about it. When it comes to experiencing the beauty of snow covered majestic peaks, then nothing really beats Darjeeling!

So, what is the star attraction of Darjeeling? On a bright clear day you will get to see the entire range of a section of the Himalayas, which has the third highest of all mountain peaks in the world – the regal, Kanchenjunga. This is indeed one of the most famous attractions that one can hope to witness when in Darjeeling. However, that is not all this place has to offer – there is so much more to explore! From being replete with nice Hotels in Darjeeling to some lovely places to eat, Darjeeling is the ideal hill station for a relaxing holiday.

Let us take a look at some of the places that one can visit when in Darjeeling:

  • To begin with the most iconic place of this hill station is the Mall. It is an open area with a band stand, where sometimes people perform (but very rarely), though this performance used to be a regular affair back in the 70s and 80s. Surrounded by antic shops, bookshops and cafes, this area is a place where people come and sit and roam about, enjoying a beautiful time. And also, this is the place from where you will get a view of the Kanchenjunga the best. If you go during the tourist seasons, i.e. during the summer months, the mall area is generally crowded with tourists, but during the off-season, if you are looking for a quiet time, this place is really nice. You can enjoy horse-back rides too!
  • Next stop on your list of places to visit in Darjeeling has to be the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. If you are interested in trekking and mountaineering, this is going to be a delight. Take a tour of the institute and you will get to take a look some really interesting mountaineering devices. There are plenty of documents and data which you can refer to as well. Overall it promises to be a great learning experience.
  • Very near to the institute is the zoo. The Darjeeling zoo is famous for its Red Panda, which is hardly found anywhere else. Apart from these shy creatures you have many other animals and the zoo too promises to be a lovely place to explore both with friends and family.
  • The best time to catch an entire view of the range along with the Kanchenjunga is during the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise and the best place for it is Tiger Hill. You can book a car from your hotel and make your way to Tiger Hill in the morning so that you can take a look at a majestic view. Warning: It is going to be really cold and you will have to wake up really, really early! But go ahead with it at least once to enjoy a beautiful view.

Well, these are the classic places that one has to visit when in Darjeeling in order to appreciate what sightseeing places this hill station has to offer, but there are other activities which one has to try out when here! Wondering what they are? Let’s find out:

  • First and foremost you have to try out breakfast at Keventer’s. It is one of the oldest breakfast haunts of the hill station. Their meat platter and hot chocolate are something that you will keep on craving for, if you try it once. With a large area open air, you can actually sit and sip your hot chocolate and enjoy a breath-taking view of the range from there! And oh yes, it is a paradise for iconic photographers.
  • Just a few shops before Keventer’s, you have Glenary’s. A noted confectionery shop in Darjeeling if you are in the mood for pastries and coffee and some liquor filled chocolates, you cannot afford to give this one a miss! In fact if you want you can head out to the restaurant in their basement floor for a couple of drinks and a romantic dinner. From spending a quiet time with yourself to enjoying a fun evening your friends, Glenary’s is the ideal place for any occasion.
  • Souvenir shopping is a must when in Darjeeling. You will get a variety of products in the lane, heading downhill from the mall. Located in the area around the iconic Planter’s Club, you will get some of the trendiest winter clothes to souvenir items in this market place.
  • And of course, what is Darjeeling without tea? Head out to the Nathmul’s Tea shop on the mall and enjoy a cup of tea of varied kinds of flushes and of course you will shop loads and loads of tea from here. A visit to this store is a must for every tea lover.

Hotel booking and commuting to Darjeeling

If you are planning a trip to Darjeeling, then keep in mind that finding just the perfect hotel might be a problem if you do not get the booking done at the right time. There are, in fact, plenty of good hotels in Darjeeling, which you can check out, but make sure that you get the booking done really early. There is always a rush of tourists to this popular tourist destination and the hotels in and near the mall are always quite packed. So, the moment you decide your dates of travel, get your booking done immediately. If you are wondering how to travel to Darjeeling, then take a car from New Jalpaiguri Station and you will reach the hill station in 4-5 hours.

Darjeeling promises to be fun and relaxing for all those who love the hills. Plan your trip, now!

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