Top 10 Hiking Trails in Iceland that Should be in Your Bucket List

Iceland Hiking Trails – Iceland is known to have incredible landscape and many natural wonders that you may never find anywhere else on this earth. There are so many things which you can enjoy in this beautiful place. Most of the travellers visit this place to explore new hiking trails.

Iceland Hiking Trails

There are several incredible trails present in Iceland. And it becomes difficult for people to choose the best track. Moreover, if are searching for some guide or company that can help you in exploring new places then Another Iceland tour company is one of the reliable name in the market.

Top 10 Amazing Hiking Trails in Iceland

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is known for its great landscapes and uncrowded area. This place is a protected site and is known to be the most remote territory in Iceland. The path of this area is excellent and well maintained. Here you will find all types of seabirds resting in their habitat.

This park is a home for more than 700,000 species of guillemots and kittiwakes. If you wish to visit this place then you need to reach Isafjordur in the Westford. You can reach this place either by choosing a car from Reykjavik or by booking an air ticket.


This place is known to be “The pearl of the Highlands”. Landmannalaugar is located at the southern highlands of Iceland. Here you can find raven-black Laugahraun lava field, which was originally formed by an eruption in 1477. And the road leading to this place has several springs where you can rest and enjoy.

There are 2 ways of reaching to this wonderful place. One of the quickest routes is driving through West Iceland through Selfoss or Pingvellir National park. And the other way is by the South Coast of Iceland.


Fimmvorduhals is referred to be one of the best hiking track during the day time. And this place is considered as one of the busiest spots in Iceland. It’s a fact that not all travellers can complete the full hike. In this place, you will find 26 waterfalls along the world’s most recent volcanic plateau.

If trekking is your hobby then you can very easily combine the Laugavegur trek with the Fimmvorduhals hike. And this journey will take approximately 4 days. The starting point of your journey will be the hot springs of Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork will be the ending point. 

Mount Esja

Mount Esja is known to be the best and most visited hiking trail in Iceland. And if you want to reach this place then you can very easily reach there through Reykjavik. The starting point can be very easily reached from Reykjavik by public transport. The path of this place is very clean and clear.

Always keep in mind that in these places the weather changes very quickly. It is always advisable to carry all the necessary clothes and other things that can prove to be beneficial.


Glymur is considered as the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. Most of the people trek to this place as it is one of the highest waterfalls. Generally, there are 2 ways of reaching this place. You can either hike along the Northside or south side. And the other option is by crossing the river.

Everything depends on yourself. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place then you should choose the south side. On your way, you will find many different kinds of species.


Reykjadalur is considered Iceland’s capital city. In this valley, you will find several hot springs and mud pools. And the most interesting thing is that you will find a hot river for bathing purpose. This valley is the part of the Hengill area and Hengill is an inactive volcano which was active 120,000 years ago.

Most of the people love to do hiking in this place and if you are thinking to visit Iceland then you can choose it as your day-time activity. Plus the path of Reykjadalur is well-maintained and in a good condition.


Kjolur is a very famous plateau present in Iceland. This glacier is found between the Langjokull and Hofsjokull glaciers. The path of this area is well-maintained and marked. Here you will find fresh and crystal clear water with no impurities. The most important thing which you must always consider while visiting this place is its weather condition.

The trail of Kjolur is often known as the Haunted Highway. This name is given due to its challenging path. If you find difficulty in crossing these highlands then you can take help of horses.


Thakgil is located outside the town Vik. This is considered to be hidden gems for hikers. You will find that the path of this area is covered with gravels but during summers you can very easily reach this place by car. Thakgil is located between glaciers and volcanic sand plains. After reaching this place, you will realize that it is the best place for hiking.

There are a few safety measures that you should always follow. Avoid driving fast because this place has many blind curves and driving fast can harm you. And always horn when you reach sharp turns.

Laugavegur Trail

Laugavegur is among the top trails in the world. And the scenery of this place is unexplainable. This track starts in Landmannalaugar where you will find hot springs and colourful mountains. The best part about this place is that you will find several shops where you can purchase some gifts for your dear ones.

At the end of this trek, you will find Thorsmork which is a green and a fertile valley. And Thorsmork is situated at the foot of famous glacier Eyjafjallajokull.


Thor’s valley is a stunning place with three of Iceland’s famous glaciers Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull and Tindfjallajokull. Moreover, this valley has many beautiful sights. And there are many huts present in this place where you can rest and have snacks.  This place is very popular among the tourists as well as local people for hiking.

So, now you don’t have to worry about hiking. As there are number of wonderful treks present in Iceland.

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