Why Compassion is important in the Community?

Having a good education is important to run a successful business. But having compassion is important to run a successful life. The great Shambhala prophecy by ancient Tibetan monks is what we need today. The prophecy states that in times of severe Earth crisis, many Shambhala warriors will awaken from the chaos and combine their compassion and wisdom to dismantle the evils of society.

Why Compassion is important in the Community

The prophecy is true for every citizen who lives and loves from the day he’s born to the day he dies. But in this day and age when chaos rules our lives and anger is on the rise, the men and women are forgetting why they are here. Great spiritual leaders from across the globe focus on how compassion helps us in remembering who we are as human beings. And yet, it’s the hardest thing to do in this time. But there’s good news too.

Many people from all over the world are slowly awakening to the quality of compassion. They’re gathering the tools of better living to reach their own heart. And it’s working too! Those of us who are deeply grounded in our bodies always want to help others. Several courses such as Yoga teacher training in Nepal constantly provide deeper learning of these ancient practices.

Human beings are social animals and they thrive in communities. The present-day lifestyle of many doesn’t allow for socializing. There may be apps that bring people together but the real value of community is much greater than selective meetings. To build trust and confidence in people, we need to start trusting ourselves.

Yoga is one of the practices which lead us towards achieving that trust. Anyone who wants to bring a change in society must begin from oneself. The great Himalayas have had their gates open to many seekers of true compassion. Keen learners come to receive 200-hour teacher training in Nepal to spread the benefits of yoga to several others.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama often speaks of the true gift of compassion. His teachings tell how love for the community helps us come out of our isolation and elevate one another towards prosperity. To love one’s community, one needs to cultivate compassion.  True understanding of compassion comes from mindfulness.

Mindfulness, or being aware in the moment, can be acquired through yoga and guided meditation. Constant state of mindfulness helps us understand what works for the mind, body, and soul. Like a guiding star, it helps us navigate our happiness. And while searching for happiness, we find our place in the community.

Cultivating compassion requires consistent practicing of traits such as trust and kindness. Since it is all about loving the “other” compassion can be a mind-draining exercise. Loving our parents, children, friends, and some of our colleagues is not so much a challenge. But the real task is to be able to smile at a stranger. To smile at a stranger, one needs to have trust and kindness which need regular practicing.

To increase our kindness qualities, we need to know that we all share the same planet. And true kindness is what helps us know that the stranger is family too.  Mindfulness practiced with a deep knowledge of our interdependence can help us reach true compassion for our communities.

The qualities of a true, compassionate heart cannot be acquired instantly. Compassion is a lifelong spiritual practice, exercised every day of our lives with patience and persistence. So what we fail every now and then, it’s the practice that matters and we ultimately become what we practice. yoga retreat nepal.

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